Atma (Soul) Yoga of Immortality

Atma (Soul) Yoga of Immortality, also called Soham Yoga, founded by Acharya Ricardo B Serrano, is about becoming a Self-realized soul by attaining oneness with the Higher Self via advanced meditation and Qigong practices based on his seven books and two dvds used in the curriculum of the Integral Studies of Inner Sciences.

The seven books in You Hold the Keys to Healing cover the Qigong basics of the NEW UPDATED ENHANCED Winged Unicorn Meditation Technique – Atma (Soul) Yoga of Immortality – an advanced combination of meditation and Qigong forms for healing and attaining oneness with higher Self or Self-realization – to become a self-realized being (Zhenren) or Srivatsa symbolized by Swastika or Yuan Shen (Original Spirit).

The central teaching of the Upanishads is that the Self of a human being is the same as Brahman, the Absolute. The goal of life is the realization of that Truth.
I am Spirit Soul. Aham Brahmasmi.

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I AM THAT I AM. I Am not the body. I Am not the emotion. I Am not the thought. I Am not the mind. I Am the soul. I Am a spiritual being of Divine Intelligence, Divine Love, Divine Power…

See Who am I?

“I am not this body; I am that same divine light of which the whole cosmos is an extension.” – Mansur Mastana

– What is the Self?, page 15, Oneness with Shiva

Awakening the Soul

– Awakening the Soul, page 80, Oneness with Shiva

“When one attains oneness with the higher soul you lose anger, insecurity, depression, anxiety, fear of old age and death. I am Spirit Soul. Aham Brahmasmi.” – Acharya Ricardo B Serrano

– An Introduction to the Siddha Path, page 5, Oneness with Shiva

Yuan Shen (Original Spirit)

If there is light in the soul,
There is beauty in the person,
If there is beauty in the person,
There will be harmony in the house,
If there is harmony in the house,
There will be order in the nation,
If there is order in the nation,
There will be peace in the world.

The Zen quotation refers to oneness – realignment – with the light of the soul which is the Higher Self, Light of God or Atma, Yuan Shen (Original Spirit) – the Golden Elixir.

Golden Elixir symbolized by Sri Yantra

The heart is connected to the Original Spirit through the soul. The practice of true meditation or Qigong opens the heart and clarifies the soul. Consequently, the Original Spirit can shine through the clarified soul and flourish as true love in the heart. The key to awakening the soul is the opening of the heart. Ultimately, union with Spirit means to be in harmony in the universe.

The reality of this whole universe is God consciousness. It is filled with God consciousness. This world is nothing but the blissful energy (shakti) of the all- pervading consciousness of God. God and the individual are one, to realize this is the essence and goal of meditation and Qigong.

“Yoga means spiritual oneness. What is spiritual oneness? Spiritual oneness means the incarnated soul is achieving a higher degree of oneness with the higher soul, and a certain degree of oneness with God and oneness with all.”
– Master Choa Kok Sui

“We have to realize our identity with the Universal Consciousness. We have to merge with that Consciousness, just as a river merges with the ocean. When a being has attained this state of oneness, he has gone beyond death.”
– Swami Muktananda Paramahamsa

The Bhagavad Gita says: “The embodied one, having gone beyond the three gunas – sattva (purity), rajas (activity), and tamas (inertia) – out of which the body is evolved, is freed from birth, death, decay, and pain and attains immortality.”

“Atma Namaste” This phrase addresses the “higher” soul of the person: “To the higher Soul”, I honor the place within you where the universe resides. I honor the place within you of love, light, and truth. When you are in that place and I am in that place we are One. This practice starts with you placing your hands in the prayer position on your heart. Gaze above the head of another person, 6 to 8 inches, and say Atma, Namaste. Then, look into their eyes (you may also look into your own eyes in a mirror). Really look, and wait. See what comes back to you. Do you feel the love? This is an intense practice; do not reserve it for a few.

Atma Namaste! “Atma” means Soul in Sanskrit. “Namaste” – I Salute the Divinity in you, I Salute the Atma in you, I Salute the “I Am” Presence within you!

Make it happen often, and with many. May you enjoy this practice, another blessing from our Beloved Gurus to you.

– Excerpts from Atma (Soul) Yoga of Immortality, page 103, Oneness with Shiva

“I have included this historical cannabis study because I believe that Jesus not only use cannabis for healing the sick but also as an entheogenic substance for expanding the awareness of his true followers for attaining Christ consciousness via meditation and Qigong.

The ancient healing practice where cannabis oil is integrated with external Qi-healing (Wai Qi Liao Fa) as done 2000 years ago by Jesus Christ and the Classical Chinese Medicine practitioners has been rediscovered.”
– Qigong master Ricardo B Serrano, R.Ac.

– Excerpts from Jesus and Cannabis, page 136, Oneness with Shiva

NOTE by Ricardo B Serrano, R.Ac.: Pranic healing, also called Qi-healing, is a modality included in Traditional Chinese Medicine together with acupuncture, acupressure, Qigong and herbs which has been practiced for 5000 years. The modalities are integrated and combined with diet and exercise for best results.

External Qi-Healing (Wai Qi Liao Fa)

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The Atma (Soul) Yoga meditation and Qigong Forms is an integration of Surya Namaskar, Ashtanga Yoga Hand Mudras with Gayatri Mantra, Kuan Yin Standing Qigong, Awakening the Soul Qigong, Hanuman Qigong, Eight extraordinary meridians Qigong, and Guo Lin (anti-cancer) Qigong that will heal your disease and return you to oneness with Spirit Soul.

Why does it work? By building the Three Treasures – Jing, Qi and Shen, and the body’s Wei Qi field, healing and enlightenment have been made possible for centuries in every ancient spiritual tradition. – Ricardo B Serrano, R.Ac.

– page 159, Techniques of a Master, Return to Oneness with Shiva

The DVD is accompanied with Nourishing the heart by unconditional love Music by Wei Miao and Lyrics by Sheng Zhen Qigong Master Li Jun Feng.

Supplementary DVD to Atma (Soul) Yoga is included in the 2 DVD set that talks about the:

  1. Benefits of Eight extraordinary meridians Qigong
  2. Eight extraordinary meridians
  3. Wei Qi field in Qigong
  4. Meditation on Three Hearts
  5. Swastika, seal of Buddha’s heart
  6. Hara is the center
  7. Hara (Dantian) sitting Qigong
  8. Yuan Qi in Hara (Dantian)

Meditation and Qigong References:

Reference Books for the Atma (Soul) Yoga Meditation and Qigong Forms:


When Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva was practicing the profound prajna paramita, he illuminated the five skandhas and saw that they are all empty, and he crossed beyond all suffering and difficulty. Shariputra, form does not differ from emptiness; emptiness does not differ from form. Form itself is emptiness; emptiness itself is form. So, too, are feeling, cognition, formation, and consciousness.

All Buddhas of the three periods of time attain Anuttarasamyaksambodhi through reliance on prajna paramita. Therefore, know that prajna paramita is a great spiritual mantra, a great bright mantra, a supreme mantra, an unequalled mantra. It can remove all suffering; it is genuine and not false. That is why the mantra of prajna paramita was spoken. Recite it like: Om, Gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi svaha! Om, Gone, gone, gone over, gone fully over, Awakened!

– page 32, The Heart of Prajna Paramita Sutra, Oneness with Shiva

Who should learn and practice meditation and Qigong?

Patients who suffer from illness. With daily practice and regular Qi-healing treatments, health can improve dramatically with the possibility of full recovery from chronic health problems.

People who want to improve and maintain optimum health. Qigong can strengthen the immune system and Life Force, increase the ability to resist viruses and bacteria and, at the same time, decrease the possibility of developing diseases due to exposure to environmental toxins.

Those who are interested in meditation and Qigong and want to develop a more thorough knowledge of these disciplines like drug rehab and cancer recovery.

NOTE: Qigong Teacher Ricardo B. Serrano, R.Ac., Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner since 1980 and Cannabis Specialist with his books on Qigong Healing Method® and Qigong teachers meet all seven criterias above.

See Guidelines for Selecting Qigong Teachers and Enlightenment Qigong Forms

Books on Kundalini Awakening

About Baha’i Faith

Baha’i Shen Gong and Songs

Cosmic Christ Consciousness

Baha’ullah, Divine Teacher

Thy name is my healing

Quotations on Baha’i Faith

Hell doesn’t exist

Gandhi’s Quotes on Soul-Force, Love

Quotations on Karma

“Golden Rule: Do not do unto others what you do not want others to do unto you. Law of Karma: What you sow is what you reap.”

– Talks on Discipline, page 39, Return to Oneness with Shiva

“God is a creative principle and energy, not a personality. May God’s Force, Peace and Wisdom be with you, too.”

– Excerpts from Way of Qi, page 28, Oneness with Shiva

What is the Qigong state?

“Oneness or Qigong state (Samadhi) is experienced by cultivating the Three Treasures Jing, Qi and Shen in the Three Dantians through the practice of Qigong.” – Master Ricardo B Serrano

“The teaching focuses essentially on the purification of Jing-Chi-Shen into its final product: the elixir of pure-person.” – Door to All Wonders, Tao Te Ching

“Health is the greatest possession. Contentment is the greatest treasure. Confidence is the greatest friend. Non-being (samadhi) is the greatest joy.”
– Lao Tzu

– Excerpts from Hanuman Qigong, page 53, Oneness with Shiva

The human soul fundamentally yearns to be happy. Moreover, it is apparent that attributes of health and happiness are very similar; both imply wholeness and balance.

Aristotle, the Greek philosopher, reflected on happiness over 2300 years ago. Aristotle described four levels of happiness: instant gratification, gratification through achievement, gratification through the contribution to others, and transcendent gratification. It is in this highest level of happiness that we live more consistently from a place of purpose and truth, using our signature strengths to serve others, and working in various creative ways for the good of the world.

Research shows that only 10% of our happiness is determined by circumstances. 40% is determined by our internal state of mind, and 50% is related to our genetics. So we have the opportunity to improve our happiness based on choices we make, thought patterns, and behaviours. We can also choose to be happy and healthy by being in the Qi flow via the practice of meditation and Qigong to quiet the reptilian part of the brain achieving the third and fourth levels of happiness – gratification through the contribution to others and transcendent gratification, respectively. How you feel is how you heal.

– Excerpts from Introduction to the Siddha Path, page 5, Oneness with Shiva

“The key to Mahatma Gandhi’s greatness comes from his samadhi (unity consciousness) by soul-force cultivation shown in his quotations.”
– Acharya Ricardo B Serrano

“In the attitude of silence, the soul finds the path in a clearer light.”

“There is force in the universe, which, if we permit it, will flow through us and produce miraculous results.”

“Soul-force comes only through God’s grace and never descends upon a man who is a slave of lust.”

“The mantra becomes one’s staff of life, and carries one through every ordeal. It is no empty repetition. For each repetition has a new meaning, carrying you nearer and nearer to God.”

– Excerpts from Who Am I? page 40, Oneness with Shiva

“Qi and Love are never separate.” – Master Li Jun Feng

Jedi’s Force is Qi cultivated by Qigong

Unity of Three Hearts

“Essence (Jing), Breath (Qi), and Spirit (Shen) affect one another. When they follow the course, they form the human being; when they invert the course, they form the Elixir.”

– Excerpts from Three Treasures, page 81, Oneness with Shiva

Torus, the Source Around You

“By focusing on breathing and movement exercises that emanate from our power center, the lower dantien – the physical center of gravity of our body located an inch or two below our navel and an inch or two inside our bellies – we can become more attuned to the Torus Wei Qi fields of energy, particularly human energy, that surround us so we can become healthier, perform better, be happier, and connect with ourselves, others and nature at a higher level of existence.”

– Excerpts from Conclusion, page 57, Oneness with Shiva

Golden Immortal Lightbody

Joy of samadhi

Take refuge in me (our inner consciousness) alone.” – Lord Krishna

– Excerpts from What is the Self? page 15, Oneness with Shiva

Oneness with Krishna nature

“Happy is he who has overcome his ego.” – Buddha

“To feel the love of one’s soul is the goal of yoga, according to the
Bhagavad Gita.” – Acharya Ricardo B Serrano

Ego is nothing but identification of oneself with their body instead of their Soul.”
– Acharya Ricardo B Serrano

“The limitation of your ego is the only thing standing between you and God, the only thing that prevents you from attaining liberation or God-realization. The only reason to take a Guru is to destroy the limitation of the ego.”
– Excerpts from Bhagawan Nityananda, pages 84 and 113, Oneness with Shiva

Oneness with Shiva

“You are so much loved by me!” – BG 18.64, Lord Krishna, our Higher Self

In each person, there is a divine essence or a divine spark. In Buddhism, there is a Buddha in each person. In Christian religion, there is a Christ in each person. In Hinduism, there is a Shiva or a Krishna in each person.

Oneness with the Higher Self, the I AM

“Another term for Buddhic consciousness is Christ consciousness or Krishna consciousness. This state of being manifests as a person feels oneness with all, oneness with the Creator. This is the state of feeling Loving-Kindness for all.”

– Excerpts from Cosmic consciousness, page 96, Oneness with Shiva

“To feel the love of one’s soul is the goal of yoga, according to the
Bhagavad Gita.” – Acharya Ricardo B Serrano

“Ego is nothing but identification of oneself with their body instead of their Soul.”
– Acharya Ricardo B Serrano

– Excerpts from To feel the Love of one’s Soul and Let go our Ego, pages 100-102, Oneness with Shiva

“Bhagawan Nityananda was the incarnation of Lord Krishna, therefore, Bhagawan Nityananda and Lord Krishna are one.”
– Acharya Ricardo B Serrano

Hare Krishna mantra is a prayer to God’s energy (Shakti) for taking away all the sorrows, pains and shortcomings of the chanter and provide him bliss, joy, peace and oneness with Higher Self.

It is an Atma (Soul) Yoga mantra together with OM Namah Shivaya for attaining oneness with Higher Self.

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

– Excerpts from Bhagawan Nityananda, page 84, Oneness with Shiva

– Excerpts from Everybody is looking for Krishna, page 48, Oneness with Shiva

“Grounding and rooting to mother earth through the practice of Enlightenment Qigong forms especially Hanuman Qigong, Eight Extraordinary Meridians Qigong, and Meditation on Three Hearts are added to Siddha spiritual practices to balance the Shakti Qi flow in the body and avoid post-kundalini syndromes often seen in yoga practitioners.”

“I believe that the high carb low fat vegetarian diet followed by yoga practitioners is causing the physical, mental and emotional problems such as exhaustion, depression, brain fog, nervousness, anxiety, etc. which are symptoms of kundalini syndrome.” – Acharya Ricardo B Serrano, R.Ac.

– Excerpts from Notes on Kundalini Syndrome, pages 121-122, Oneness with Shiva

“This is connected with the light of the inner Self that is connected to your Higher Soul.”

– Excerpts from Why Krishna, Rama, Shiva and Hanuman are shown blue and why Krishna is dancing on a serpent, page 121, Oneness with Shiva

“The three words, namely Hara, Krishna and Rama, are transcendental seeds of the maha-mantra and the chanting is spiritual call for the Lord and His internal energy, Hara, for giving protection to the conditioned soul. The chanting is exactly like genuine cry by the child for mother. Mother Hara helps in achieving the grace of the Supreme Father, Hari, or Krishna, and the Lord reveals Himself to such sincere devotee. No other means therefore of spiritual realization is as effective in this age as chanting the Maha-mantra: Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare/ Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare.” – A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada

– Excerpts from Hare Krishna Mantra, page 123, Oneness with Shiva

– Excerpts from How to Experience Heaven Now, page 41, Oneness with Shiva

“The Golden Elixir of Immortality symbolizes Self-consciousness or Self-remembering, a state of Self-awareness in which one’s Higher Self (Higher Soul) – Yuan Shen (Original Spirit) is awake.”

– Excerpts from Yuan Shen (Original Spirit), page 130, Oneness with Shiva

Krishna showing Vishvarupa (God’s universal form)

– Excerpts from Lord Krishna’s intimate and infinite divinity, page 44, Oneness with Shiva

Descent of Holy Spirit (Pentecostal Fire) shows descent of Christ consciousness among disciples.

– Excerpts from Yuan Shen, page 131, Oneness with Shiva

There are many names for the invisible auric field that surrounds the physical body in various mystical traditions such as torus, Lightbody, Electromagnetic Field (EMF), energy bubble, Merkaba or aura.

– Excerpts from Wei Qi Field in Qigong, page 62, Oneness with Shiva

The Use of Qi in Healing



Atma Namaste to All!

Namaste (/namaste/ NAH-mas-tay; Hindi: [namaste] ( listen); formal: Namaskar/Namaskaram) is a common spoken valediction or salutation originating from the Hindus in the Indian Subcontinent. It is a customary greeting when individuals meet, and a valediction upon their parting. A non-contact form of salutation is traditionally preferred in India and Nepal; Namaste is the most common form of such a salutation.

When spoken to another person, it is commonly accompanied by a slight bow made with hands pressed together, palms touching and fingers pointed upwards, in front of the chest. This gesture, called Añjali Mudra or Pranamasana, can also be performed wordlessly and carries the same meaning.

The gesture Namaste represents the belief that there is a Divine spark within each of us that is located in the heart chakra. The gesture is an acknowledgment of the soul in one by the soul in another. In Sanskrit the word is namah + te = namaste, which means “I bow to you” – my greetings, salutations or prostration to you.

Namaskar literally means “I bow to [your] form”.

I bow to the “I AM” Presence within you and me!

Atma (Soul) Yoga Mantra: OM Namah Shivaya – I bow to the “I AM” Presence within you and me! You are the immortal Self!


The God Concept of Atma (Soul) Yoga, Soul Affirmation, Invocation for Divine Blessings and Atma (Soul) Yoga Mantra supplement meditation and Qigong practices for healing and Self-realization.

My seven books on meditation and Qigong – Atma (Soul) Yoga of Immortality – will assist your healing and spiritual oneness. Peace be with you!

Shaktipat Meditation Intensive

Even among all yogis, one whose inner self has come to me, Who is full of faith, who offers love to me – that one is considered by me to be the most deeply absorbed in yoga. – Bhagavad Gita 6.47

– Excerpts from page 45, Oneness with Shiva

Pantheism is All is God

See Heaven, Earth and Humanity in Harmony
Oneness with Shiva: Eight Extraordinary Channels
Yuan Qi (Primordial Qi) in Hara (Dantien)
Soul Affirmation
Meditation on Three Hearts
Omkabah Heart Lightbody Activation
Awakening the Soul
Being with the Higher Self, the I AM
Oneness with the Higher Self, the I AM
Root Causes of Addiction
Take refuge in the Higher Self

I salute the divinity within you!

Guo Lin Qigong for Cancer

“This is similar to the effect of internal and external Qigong in the body’s storage of Source Qi in the lower dantian to cultivate the Three Treasures Jing, Qi and Shen for healing and enlightenment.”

– Excerpts from Negative Ion Therapy, page 108, The Cure & Cause of Cancer

“Cancer is no longer a “death sentence” and can be cured naturally without the killing sideeffects of cytotoxic chemotherapy, surgery or radiation.”

– Excerpts from Introduction, page 6, The Cure & Cause of Cancer

“Breathing is the most important part of the GuoLin Qigong practice and other Qigong forms.” – Ricardo B Serrano, R.Ac.

– Excerpts from Proper Breathing, pages 52-53, The Cure & Cause of Cancer

“Shaivism explains that when the divine consciousness begins to descend into manifestation, it first transforms itself into prana, the universal life force. The two main forms it assumes in the individual are the inhalation and exhalation. That is why the easiest way to attain union with the divine is by taking the help of prana, the essence of all living beings. It leads us to the awareness of our own Self.”

– Excerpts from Shiva Sutras, page 118, Oneness with Shiva


“This is how I quiet my monkey mind – I become aware of my breath and my monkey mind quiets down. Where awareness goes, energy flows. Where energy flows, awareness follows.”
– Acharya Ricardo B Serrano

His seven books covered thoroughly in You Hold the Keys to Healing together with Workshops will show you how to develop your energy bubble to experience nirvana thereby healing holistically and returning to oneness via kundalini awakening.

Master Pranic Healer Ricardo B Serrano, R.Ac. integrates pranic healing with Enlightenment Qigong forms, acupuncture, herbs and acupressure. He is a certified Qigong teacher trained by Pan Gu Shen Gong Master Ou Wen Wei, Sheng Zhen Gong Master Li Junfeng, Qi Dao Master Lama Tantrapa, Primordial Wuji Qigong Master Michael Winn, Zhan Zhuang Qigong Master Richard Mooney, Pranic Healing Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, Master Nona Castro and Mang Mike Nator. He is also a certified Merkabah teacher trained by Merkabah Master Alton Kamadon. He founded Atma (Soul) Yoga of Immortality.

His seven books Return to Oneness with Shiva, Return to Oneness with the Tao, Return to Oneness with Spirit, Meditation and Qigong Mastery, Keys to Healing and Self-Mastery, Oneness with Shiva, and The Cure & Cause of Cancer comprise altogether his Master Pranic Healer thesis for the Integral Studies of Inner Sciences.

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