Journey to the West

Even among all yogis, one whose inner self has come to me, Who is full of faith, who offers love to me – that one is considered by me to be the most deeply absorbed in yoga. – Bhagavad Gita 6.47

– Excerpts from page 45, Oneness with Shiva

Sun Wukong, Monkey King

A Commentary on the Journey to the West by Ricardo B Serrano:

The popular Chinese novel Zhang Jizhong, Journey to the West (2011) with 66 episodes in video format is a fictionalized account of the legendary pilgrimage to India of the Buddhist monk Xuanzang, and loosely based its source from the historic text Great Tang Records on the Western Regions and traditional folk tales.

The monk travelled to the “Western Regions” during the Tang Dynasty, to obtain sacred texts (sutras). Bodhisattva Kuan Yin, on instruction from the Buddha, gives this task to the monk and his three protectors in the form of disciples — namely Sun Wukong, Zhu Bajie and Sha Wujing — together with a dragon prince who acts as Xuanzang’s steed, a white horse. These four characters have agreed to help Xuanzang as an atonement for past sins.

My favorite main character of this awesome Buddhist novel is the Monkey King Sun Wukong because he is the Chinese version of Lord Hanuman who is an ascended master of Kashmir Shaivism. The Heart Sutra mantra of Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara is also the novel’s theme song and practiced by the warrior characters of the novel with devotion to their Sifu/Master Xuanzang and Bodhisattva Kuan Yin and Gautama Buddha which I believe are instrumental to their eventual enlightenment in the span of over 10 years along their perilous journey against demons, human robbers, gods and evil spirits.

This Chinese Buddhist novel is a metaphor to the ancient immortals’ inner quest for returning to oneness with the essence of true consciousness, called the Atma (Higher Soul) or the Original Spirit (Yuan Shen), which is fundamentally our illumined original nature.

This Chinese Buddhist novel reminded me of my spiritual journey of over 45 years as an immigrant from the Philippines to Canada with a three month Chinese Medicine internship stay in Zhejiang, China that I was fully grateful for learning from life challenges in healing and relationships, and from my Taoist and Buddhist Qigong and Chinese medicine teachers which have all been necessary lessons for my healing and spiritual growth and Self-realization.

Unfortunately, the spiritual journey has been difficult for most Chinese themselves in mainland China due to the fact that it’s political Chinese Communist Party as an evil cult suppresses freedom of religion – Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity, and other spiritual paths such as Falun Gong (spiritual Qigong) for healing and Qi cultivation with spiritual growth. See US, Philippines, Japan vs China

“Form is emptiness, emptiness is form.” – Heart Sutra

An important spiritual message for me after finishing this long novel is that the truth about emptiness has to be experienced before believing “Form is emptiness, emptiness is form,” stated in the Heart Sutra, an important Buddhist sutra. The essence of all things is emptiness.

“God consciousness is the reality of everything.” – Shiva Sutra 1.1

I have written and updated the seven books especially Oneness with Shiva to share the meditation and Qigong techniques I have applied to experience the heart-opening blissful state of oneness as a result of experiencing union with Higher Self – the essence of all things that is emptiness. God and the individual are one.

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Oneness with Shiva

His seven books covered thoroughly in You Hold the Keys to Healing together with Workshops will show you how to develop your energy bubble to experience Sheng Zhen thereby healing holistically and returning to oneness.

Books for Returning to Oneness

Master Pranic Healer Ricardo B Serrano, R.Ac. integrates pranic healing with Enlightenment Qigong forms, acupuncture, herbs and acupressure. He is a certified Qigong teacher trained by Pan Gu Shen Gong Master Ou Wen Wei, Sheng Zhen Gong Master Li Junfeng, Qi Dao Master Lama Tantrapa, Primordial Wuji Qigong Master Michael Winn, Zhan Zhuang Qigong Master Richard Mooney, Pranic Healing Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, Master Nona Castro and Mang Mike Nator. He is also a certified Merkabah teacher trained by Merkabah Master Alton Kamadon.

His seven books Return to Oneness with Shiva, Return to Oneness with the Tao, Return to Oneness with Spirit, Meditation and Qigong Mastery, Keys to Healing and Self-Mastery, Oneness with Shiva, and The Cure & Cause of Cancer comprise altogether his Master Pranic Healer thesis for the Integral Studies of Inner Sciences.

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“This is how I quiet my monkey mind – I become aware of my breath and my monkey mind quiets down. Where awareness goes, energy flows. Where energy flows, awareness follows.”
– Acharya Ricardo B Serrano

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