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Guo Lin Qigong, a heritage of the Chinese ancient qigong, was created by Master Guo Lin, a famous Chinese artist, based on her experiences while fighting cancer. She adopted the essence of ancient qigong and traditional Chinese medical theory about meridians (jingluo), qi (a homonym of “air” or “breath”, refers to a kind of energy substance within the body) and blood. It has been practiced by thousands of people proving its benefits during recovery from cancer and in prevention of cancers, enhancing the immune system and achieving longevity. It is easy to learn and has no side effect.

– Excerpts from Introduction to Guo Lin Qigong, page 120, The Cure & Cause of Cancer

The following article derived from Dr. De Schepper’s book explain the concept of Qi with different forms of manifestations, and the cause of disease which is an imbalance of Yin and Yang shown by the pathway (key to the solution) below.

From Dr. Luc De Schepper’s book Acupuncture for the Practitioner, ” The concept of Qi is essential in acupuncture: the whole TCM is based on it; hence TCM is often “Energetic medicine.” (Read pp. 57-58)

“In the western world, this word Qi is rarely heard without being followed by an adjective: electric energy, atomic energy, thermic energy, all forms of energy that can be transformed into each other. These forms of Qi, of course, known by the Orientals, but they are only manifestations of an essential principle: energy. Naturally, there is only one energy, but it can manifest itself in different forms: the ancestral Qi or Hereditary Qi, the Iong (Yong) or Food Qi, and the Wei or Defense Qi.

The Yong – or food Qi is provided by exterior sources: the Alimentation, but also the Respiration. These exterior sources also provide Wei Qi (Defense Qi). See Chinese Tonic Herbs to Cultivate Shen, Qi & Jing

What seemed to be a chaos of ideas in the first place changed into a truly fine logical sequence of events when I had a better insight into the relationship of the various differentiation of syndromes. I decided to call it (probably in a moment of arrogance) the “key to the solution.” We know that as long as the Yin and Yang are in equilibrium there is no disease. Every disease begins with an imbalance of Yin and Yang caused by the Seven emotions, the Six Excesses, food intake (irregular, too cold, too raw, too much, etc) and long term illness. (Read pp. 59-62)

This initial disease attack will decrease the Qi in general, and a certain part of the total body Qi will be consumed. The Qi showing signs of deficiency will manifest a weakening of its holding, transforming and moving functions. Since the Lung is the master of the Qi, many symptoms of Empty Qi in this early stage relate to the Lung.

If the attack progresses unchecked, the most mobile, and hence most vulnerable, part will decrease and stagnate: the Yang Qi. The situation then becomes more severe. A decrease of the Yang Qi is generally considered more severe than a decrease of the Qi. apart from the above symptoms, Yang Qi deficiency will cause a weakening of the warming energy and therefore, Cold symptoms (mainly involved are K and Sp Yang) will appear. The Su Wen says: “Decrease in Qi (Yang) will lead to decrease in Xue (Yin), and the stagnation of one will lead to stagnation of the other.” Inevitably, the decrease and stagnation of Yang Qi will lead to a decrease and stagnation of Yin Qi. Another way of stating this is that stagnation of Fire (yang) leads to stagnation of Water (YIN). Stagnation of water is nothing more than a formation of Phlegm, a process in which the spleen plays a very important role. The Phlegm itself will obstruct the Primary Channels, injure and obstruct the organs and ultimately the Heart. (Please read pp. 12-14 about CFS showing his protocol)

The pathway below described the consequences of the stagnation of the Yin. Alternatively, stagnation of Yang Qi will develop into Endogenous Heat (too much Yang concentrated in one place gives the extreme Yang excess, Fire). Endogenous Heat will always stir up the Wind (formation of Interior wind), which will ascend to the head to give symptoms such as headaches, insomnia, hypertension, etc. The extreme Heat will injure the Yin and exhaust the fluids, leading to the formation of Phlegm. In this way the vicious circle is closed. 1

6 Excesses


7 Emotions



Long-term Illness



Food intake (source of Yong & Wei Qi)



Decrease and Stagnation of Qi



Decrease and Stagnation of Yang Qi



Endogenous Heat & Phlegm or Decrease & Stagnation of Yin (water)



Formation of Phlegm



Obstruction of the channels



Injury of the Organs & Ultimately the Heart

See Acupuncture meridians and points exist

Walking Qigong

“This is similar to the effect of internal and external Qigong in the body’s storage of Source Qi in the lower dantian to cultivate the Three Treasures Jing, Qi and Shen for healing and enlightenment.”

– Excerpts from Negative Ion Therapy, page 108, The Cure & Cause of Cancer

Guolin Standing Qigong

“Breathing is the most important part of the GuoLin Qigong practice and other Qigong forms.” – Ricardo B Serrano, R.Ac.

– Excerpts from Proper Breathing, pages 52-53, The Cure & Cause of Cancer

“Shaivism explains that when the divine consciousness begins to descend into manifestation, it first transforms itself into prana, the universal life force. The two main forms it assumes in the individual are the inhalation and exhalation. That is why the easiest way to attain union with the divine is by taking the help of prana, the essence of all living beings. It leads us to the awareness of our own Self.”

– Excerpts from Shiva Sutras, page 118, Oneness with Shiva

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His seven books covered thoroughly in You Hold the Keys to Healing together with Workshops will show you how to develop your energy bubble to experience Sheng Zhen thereby healing holistically and returning to oneness.

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Master Pranic Healer Ricardo B Serrano, R.Ac. integrates pranic healing with Enlightenment Qigong forms, acupuncture, herbs and acupressure. He is a certified Qigong teacher trained by Pan Gu Shen Gong Master Ou Wen Wei, Sheng Zhen Gong Master Li Junfeng, Qi Dao Master Lama Tantrapa, Primordial Wuji Qigong Master Michael Winn, Zhan Zhuang Qigong Master Richard Mooney, Pranic Healing Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, Master Nona Castro and Mang Mike Nator. He is also a certified Merkabah teacher trained by Merkabah Master Alton Kamadon.

His seven books Return to Oneness with Shiva, Return to Oneness with the Tao, Return to Oneness with Spirit, Meditation and Qigong Mastery, Keys to Healing and Self-Mastery, Oneness with Shiva, and The Cure & Cause of Cancer comprise altogether his Master Pranic Healer thesis for the Integral Studies of Inner Sciences.

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“This is how I quiet my monkey mind – I become aware of my breath and my monkey mind quiets down. Where awareness goes, energy flows. Where energy flows, awareness follows.”
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