The real conflict is between truth and lies

People like to say that the conflict is between good and evil.
The real conflict is between truth and lies.
– Don Miguel Ruiz

This article is a continuation of In war on drugs, truth is the first casualty which is about fascist president Duterte’s war on drugs with its extrajudicial killing (EJK) in the Philippines, a year after, that is based on lies.

Fascism: Any movement, ideology, or attitude that favors dictatorial government, centralized control of private enterprise, and repression of all opposition.

I called president Rodrigo Duterte, a fascist dictator, because he and his administration fits the description of a lying fascist dictator described above.

Some examples of president Duterte’s allegations (and lies) in the news, and the reasons why he is called a fascist dictator:

“The question is very simple: where did these billions come from? Then candidate Duterte painted himself as a poor man who built his fortune on his decades as a salaried civil servant. Yet, even assuming we would accept his revised story that his parents gave him a sizeable inheritance, that cannot, by any stretch of the imagination, explain the billions,” Tindig Pilipinas said.

“We all know where the fortunes of public officials with no known livelihood come from – corruption, smuggling, crime syndicates and drugs. Tell us, President Duterte, if it is none of these, then what is it?” Tindig Pilipinas added.

Tindig Pilipinas said Duterte should live up to his campaign slogan.

“You ran on a platform of anti-corruption, anti-crime and anti-drugs. Now you need to explain in a clear, detailed and unequivocal way what the sources of your wealth are, when you earned which amounts and where the amounts are now,” Tindig Pilipinas said.

Tindig Pilipinas added that “the only way to do this is to sign a full waiver that will allow the Filipino people to scrutinize your explanations, in the light of the facts.”

“Only complete transparency is the answer which can end our doubts about your integrity. If you refuse to sign a waiver and to refute even a whiff of unexplained wealth, then integrity also demands that you live up to your repeated promise – that you will resign. And we quote: ‘If Trillanes can prove his allegation that I have amassed P2 billion illegally or if that bank account under my name has a total deposit at one time of even just half a billion, I will resign as President immediately,’” Tindig Pilipinas said.

“Mr. President, this is not merely a whiff. It is a stench that assaults the nostrils of every Filipino who cares about the nation… See Rody urged: Sign waiver on bank accounts or resign

Alejano said that, “Such admission by…Carandang confirms the allegations I have made in the impeachment complaint. This development has debunked claims that my allegations were mere hearsay.”

Last March, Alejano filed an impeachment complaint against Duterte that was thumbed down by the House Committee on Justice in May.

“I firmly believe that Duterte has billions in his bank accounts and I feel vindicated by this admission,” said Alejano on Wednesday.

“The dismissal of my impeachment complaint against Duterte proved to be a missed opportunity. Sinayang ang subpoena power ng Congress na sana ay nagamit para mapalabas ang katotohonan [Congress’ subpoena power that was supposed to have been used to ferret out the truth was wasted],” the lawmaker said.

“Duterte has all along been hiding his wealth and deceiving the people. Isa-isa na po nating nadidiskubre ang kanyang mga kasinungalingan [We are discovering his lies one by one],” Alejano said.

Alejano to Duterte: Will you sign bank waiver or resign?

“Let me quote Duterte: ‘If Trillanes can prove his allegation that I have amassed ₱2 billion illegally, or if that bank account under my name has a total deposit at one time of even just half a billion, I will resign as President immediately.'”

Muli, ito ang hamon kay Duterte: Ngayon, may pagkakataon kang patunayan na walang katotohanan ang mga paratang sa iyo. Pirma mo lang sa waiver ang kailangan. Ikaw mismo ang nagsabi na kahit katiting lang na bahid ng korapsyon ay hindi mo kukunsintihin. Make good on your promise of not tolerating corruption,” said Alejano.

[Once more, this is the challenge for Duterte: Now, you have the chance to prove that the allegations against you are not true. Your signature in the bank waiver is the only thing needed. You said yourself that you would not tolerate even a tinge of corruption. Make good on your promise of not tolerating corruption.] See Alejano ‘vindicated’ after Ombudsman said Trillanes’ docus on alleged Du30 wealth ‘more or less’ similar to AMLC record

AMLC’s bank records on Duterte show P1-B flow of money – Ombudsman

“Instead of calling for respect for international standards or due process, President Duterte has said of drug suspects: ‘My order is to shoot to kill you. I don’t care about human rights, you better believe me. And I will kill you, I will kill you. Forget about the laws of men, forget about the laws of international law, whatever.'”

Human Rights Watch asked: “Does the delegation deny President Duterte made these remarks? Does it believe that any killing without due process is justified if perpetrated in the name of the “war on drugs?”

The UN High Commissioner had noted in his update to this session: “I continue to be gravely concerned by the President’s open support for a shoot-to-kill policy regarding suspects, as well as by the apparent absence of credible investigations into reports of thousands of extrajudicial killings, and the failure to prosecute any perpetrator.”

HRW said that, if the Philippines will not face up to its international responsibilities and membership obligations, “the Human Rights Council should step in, and do all that it can to end the violence, support a United Nations-supervised investigations into the deaths, and demand accountability for all unlawful killings.” See DEDMA BLUES | Human Rights Watch dismayed at PH spurning of Review recommendations

The Philippines rejected Peru’s recommendation to cooperate with special procedures by extending a standing invitation, and recommendations by Ghana, Hungary and others to allow access to the special rapporteur on extrajudicial executions, without conditions that might compromise her impartiality.

“We remind Philippines of its obligation as a member to cooperate with the council and its mechanisms,” it said. See Philippines tells UN rights body: No extrajudicial killings

The military seems quite comfortable holding the balance of power in the Philippines. It is secure in its understanding that doctrine dictates that the best course is to protect the Constitution. The possibility that the military will support Duterte’s narcissistic adventure into martial law or revolutionary government are slim.

Six things prevent the military from going with Duterte in uncharted territory — (1) the war on drugs that kills Filipinos wantonly, for no achievable purpose; (2) the sell-out of the West Philippine Sea territories to China; (3) the attempt to severe the Philippine military’s institutional and functional lifeline with the United States military; (4) the undeniable sentimental and historical links of Duterte to the Communist Party, National Democratic Front, and the New People’s Army; (5) Duterte’s mental instability that tends towards killing rather than healing, and the misuse of political and government institutions for narcissistic and personal ends; and (6) the military understands its limitations in operating in unfamiliar political combat territory; it will quickly dissemble if it plays a political role as backbone to a martial law regime or a revolutionary government, where personal corruption of commanders will replace loyalty to the Constitution. See Duterte’s Cyber Army meets the Philippine Army

In an interview with French newspaper Liberation last week, Callamard said Delos Santos’ death was another defining moment following intense criticisms against the campaign earlier this year with the death of a South Korean businessman at the hands of the police. See Callamard: Kian’s death turning point in Duterte’s drug war

An academic has raised serious questions regarding the admission of President Rodrigo Duterte that he simply fabricated bank account numbers to make a fool out of Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV.

How can the public believe the President’s domestic and foreign policies if he admits to issuing fabricated statements? Tony Laviña, a former dean of the Ateneo School of Government, said in a report by Sandra Aguinaldo on GMA News’ “Saksi.”

“He admitted that he was a liar. Can you imagine that? ‘Yung Pangulo natin hindi nagsasabi ng katotohanan. Paano natin siya paniniwalaan sa war against drugs, sa China, sa martial law, sa Marawi?” said Laviña. See How can we believe Duterte if he lied about Trillanes’ accounts? —ex-Ateneo dean

Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV believes he has proven that President Duterte is a liar so the Chief Executive should stop giving excuses and open his bank accounts to public scrutiny.

“Nabisto kaya nagpapalusot. Wala nang lusot dito, kumbaga e pusoy na pusoy na. Ngayon babalik ko sa kanya, pumirma ka ng waiver. Ang dami mong arte, pirma ka (He was caught so he’s giving excuses. He’s been called out. I challenge him again: sign the waiver),” Trillanes said.

With Duterte’s admission that he made up the account number of his alleged Development Bank of Singapore (DBS) account, Trillanes said all of his other alleged offshore bank deposits are fake too.

Trillanes said that the President has lost all credibility and it is time that the Filipino people wake up and see through his lies. See Trillanes to Rody: Stop giving excuses, pusoy ka na

President Rodrigo Duterte said he read out the wrong account number to fool Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, who visited a bank in Singapore in an effort to debunk the chief executive’s allegations about his supposed hidden wealth. See Duterte says he made up wrong account number to fool Trillanes

SINGAPORE – Senator Antonio Trillanes IV does not own any account with the DBS Bank in Singapore, contrary to the allegations of President Rodrigo Duterte, a branch manager informed him Tuesday morning. See No such account, Singapore bank tells Trillanes

Then-presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte promised to eradicate illegal drugs within three to six months after getting elected, but that has changed. After more than a year in office, Duterte on Thursday said if the U.S. cannot solve its drug problem, how could a “narcotics country” like the Philippines succeed.

Staunch Duterte critic Senator Sonny Trillanes slammed the President for all the “lies” he peddled.

“Duterte lies and deceives just to get his way. He is a monster who craves killings and tries to justify it through lies, deception, and twisted logic. I fervently pray for the day that Filipinos would finally wake up and realize it,” he said. See Duterte: I was wrong to put 6-month deadline on drug war

Vigilio Mirano didn’t stand a chance. On Sept. 27, 2016, Mirano received a letter from local government officials in the Manila slum where he lived with his wife and two children implicating him as a drug user and ordering him to appear at a “mass surrender” ceremony on Sept. 30.

Hours later, four armed men dressed in black and wearing face masks burst into his home, dragged him into the outside alley and shot him six times in full view of his horrified family. The killers then drove away unimpeded through a nearby police checkpoint. A police report stated that Mirano had drawn a gun on anti-drug police and died in an “exchange of gunfire.” Witnesses call that account false. See Killing and Lies: Philippine President Duterte’s ‘War on Drugs’ Exposed

“There are Filipinos who still refuse to comply and will not remain silent, either about the past or about the creeping authoritarianism of the present. It is in fact this present that we live in that compels us to remember our past,” Maria Serena Diokno said.

Colmenares said Duterte had no basis to use the planned protests on September 21 to justify a nationwide declaration of Martial Law because “ang mga organizers ng rally dito, the last thing they would do is to commit violence, the very violence na kinokondena nila.”

The following articles on drug rehab vs EJK, about Duterte’s lies and fake news, and two news groups, Tindig Pilipinas and Movement against tyranny, calling Duterte’s government to stop the EJKs and not proclaim martial law again; the Philippine Army not going along Duterte’s martial law plans; and conclusion with Senator Leila de Lima statement.

Table of Contents:

  1. Drug Rehabilitation vs Extra Judicial Killing
  2. De Lima on Duterte’s first year: Full of fake news, lies
  3. New group ‘Tindig Pilipinas’ urges gov’t to end EJKs
  4. Groups launch alliance against ‘fascist’ Duterte government
  5. Martial law pa more
  6. Duterte’s Cyber Army meets the Philippine Army
  7. Conclusion with Senator Leila de Lima statement
  8. Lies by President Duterte Illustrated and Relevant News
  9. References on Duterte as fascist dictator and His Minions
  10. References on Duterte’s fentanyl dependency
  11. References on South China Sea Dispute
  12. References on North Korea

Drug Rehabilitation vs Extra Judicial Killing

Cannabis legalization is the sane practical way to win the war on drugs!

Dear Mr President Duterte of the Philippine government,

As a natural born Filipino, I believe that there is another way to fight drugs instead of the senseless extrajudicial killings happening now in the Philippines. You said that killing and persecuting drug pushers, drug lords and local public official protectors is the only way to win the war on drugs.

War on drugs doesn’t work as has been proven in Colombia, Mexico and Thailand.

The other sane peaceful way to fight illegal drugs such as shabu (methaamphetamine), crack, cocaine, etc. in the Philippines is to legalize cannabis (marijuana) for medical reasons.

Cannabis is non-addictive and without side-effects because it is a herbal medicine. Most drug dependents, as an addiction specialist, can be rehabilitated through the use of Traditional Chinese medicine such as medical cannabis, nutrition, herbs, acupuncture, exercise, Qigong and counselling.

Canada will soon legalize recreational cannabis next year July 1, 2018 to curb drug addictions and drug cartels, and medicinal applications.

Why don’t you, mr. president Duterte, legalize medical cannabis to win your war on drugs? Legalizing medical cannabis will be great news for drug dependent people so they can avail themselves of this natural herbal medicine to stop and heal their shabu and opioid dependency.

Thanks for listening. Bye!

Ricardo B Serrano, R.Ac.
Acupuncture Detox and Cannabis Specialist

I am a drug user, are you going to kill me?


De Lima on Duterte’s first year:
Full of fake news, lies

Sen Kiko: Gaguhan na! Peke ang drug war

Duterte’s latest rants vs Callamard ‘words of a fascist madman’
– Karapatan

Duterte: I won’t allow cops, soldiers to be jailed

CCTV footage belies cops’ tale of deaths in Brgy 19

June 30, 2017. Sen. Leila De Lima, detained on drug-related charges, described on Friday President Rodrigo Duterte’s first year in office as full of lies and fake news.

De Lima gave her assessment as she emerged from a Muntinlupa City court where she faces several cases stemming from her alleged involvement in the illegal drug trade at the national penitentiary.

The senator called on the administration to stop the killings allegedly related to its brutal campaign against illegal drugs.

Drugs could be eliminated by employing measures in accordance with the law, De Lima said.

She said that under Duterte, the nation had seen a lot of lies and persecution especially of her critics while failing to fulfill many of his campaign promises.

De Lima also blasted Duterte for the proliferation of fake news and cases such as those filed against her.

“Isang taong mga kasinungalingan. Isang taong panggigipit. Isang taong pagmumura at pambabastos. Isang taong mga pangakong napako. Lalo na yung mga kasinungalingan. Fake cases. Lalo na itong mga paratang sa akin. Fake cases, fake news,” she said.

De Lima has been a thorn on the side of Duterte since her days as chairperson of the Commission on Human Rights during which she initiated an investigation into alleged extrajudicial killings done by a death squad allegedly maintained and supported by the former Davao City mayor.

As chairperson of the Senate justice panel, De Lima sought to probe the killings in Davao and those related to the administration’s campaign against illegal drugs, presenting alleged former members of the liquidation squad which supposedly moved upon the direct orders of Duterte.

De Lima, the justice secretary of the previous administration, was eventually ousted as head of the Senate panel and replaced by Sen. Richard Gordon.

In March, De Lima was detained following an arrest warrant issued by a Muntinlupa City Regional Trial Court, one of the three hearing cases against the senator.

In another of her missives from Camp Crame where she is detained, De Lima said that Duterte’s war on drugs had resulted in the deaths of thousands of urban poor Filipinos, including children.

“Makalipas ang isang taon, nasaan na tayo? Nagresulta lang ang inyong ‘war on drugs’ sa pagpatay at patuloy na pagpatay ng libu-libong Pilipino—karamihan ay mga maralitang walang kalaban-laban, kabilang ang mga inosenteng bata,” she said.

International and local human rights groups have claimed that the drug war has claimed more than 7,000 killings, including children who were inadvertently shot by policemen.

The Philippine National Police has disputed this number, insisting that some of the deaths were still under investigation and should not be counted as part of drug-related killings.

De Lima said that the government should go after the big drug lords and dealers and their protectors in the government, police and military.

Ironically, the government is accusing De Lima of coddling drug groups at the National Bilibid Prison during her time as DOJ chief in exchange for financial support for her senatorial campaign last year.

“Itigil na ninyo ang mga patayan! Maaaring magpatuloy ang kampanya laban sa droga nang walang EJK at pag-abuso sa karapatang pantao. Ang tugisin ninyo, sa pamamaraan na sang-ayon sa batas, ay yung mga tunay at malalaking drug lords at drug dealers at ang mga protektor nila sa pamahalaan, kapulisan at military,” she said in her so-called dispatches.

She warned Duterte: “May hangganan ang lahat, Ginoong Pangulo.”

See De Lima on Duterte’s first year: Full of fake news, lies
‘Another one of Duterte’s lies’ – De Lima, Trillanes on DAP allegation

New group ‘Tindig Pilipinas’ urges gov’t to end EJKs by Ron Gagalac

A new cause-oriented group was launched on Monday calling on the government to be committed to human rights, peace, and the rule of law.

Called “Tindig Pilipinas,” the group is a union of coalitions and citizens who are alarmed and outraged by alleged extrajudicial killings (EJKs) in President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs.

The organization is composed of representatives of the youth and women, activists, the Magdalo group, the Senate minority, and the House “independent minority.”

Among those present at the launch at Club Filipino in San Juan were Liberal Party President Francis Pangilinan, Senators Antonio Trillanes IV and Risa Hontiveros, and Magdalo Party-list Representative Gary Alejano.

Members of President Benigno Aquino III’s Cabinet were also in attendance, including Edwin Lacierda, Teresita Deles, and Armin Luistro.

“Where division exists, let us show solidarity. Where doubt lies and falsehoods abound, let us provide resolute resistance…When official actions violate our country’s core beliefs, all of us have the right to demand and the duty to say, not in our name,” said Alejano in a speech before the group.

“In the name of the more than 12,000 dead, we call on Pres. Duterte to end extra-judicial killings that have become the hallmark of his war on drugs. We call upon him to measure the success of his campaign not on the number of lives killed, but on the number of lives redeemed,” said former Civil Service Commission Chair Karina David.

The administration has repeatedly dismissed the claim of human rights watchdogs that tens of thousands have died in the name of the drug war.

Philippine National Police chief Director General Ronald Dela Rosa told lawmakers the force has recorded 2,216 deaths of drug suspects in police operations and that those slain had resisted arrest.

See New group ‘Tindig Pilipinas’ urges gov’t to end EJKs
New anti-Duterte coalition calls for end to ‘nightmare’

Groups launch alliance against ‘fascist’ Duterte government

Various progressive groups and personalities gathered to form the Movement Against Tyranny (MAT) in a forum inside a packed hall at the Maryhill School of Theology on August 28, in response to the Duterte government’s fascist and militarist rule, as manifested in its brutal war on drugs and the extension of Martial Law in Mindanao.

The convenors of the alliance are composed of lawmakers, church people, artists, cultural workers, health professionals, journalists, lawyers, writers, university professors, and student leaders. They included former senator Rene Saguisag, former congressmen Erin Tañada and Neri Colmenares, Rep. Antonio Tinio of the Makabayan bloc, University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman Chancellor Michael Tan, journalist Inday Espina-Varona, and artist Mae Paner.

Sr. Mary John Mananzan of St. Scholastica’s College warned of the moral damage the Duterte government is creating.

“This murderous regime has not only destroyed lives, but has also destroyed our dignity,” she said.

In its manifesto, MAT condemned Duterte’s strongman approach to drug abuse and armed conflict, saying that Duterte has “dismissed human rights as a needless obstacle to his administration’s law and order drive and continues to goad the police, military, and paramilitary groups to violate those rights”.

Duterte’s bloody war on drugs

Human rights groups reported that 13,000 people have been killed since President Duterte launched ‘Oplan Tokhang’ last year, with a recent resurgence in killings that drew controversy to the police after the murder of 17-year-old Kian delos Santos.

In the forum, Marian (not her real name) testified to the killing of her father and brother during a drug raid. Her husband is currently in hiding after sustaining gunshot wounds when police officers stormed their home only a month after the two of them surrendered. Marian herself is a victim of Oplan Tokhang, having been arrested inside a secret cell at the Manila Police District Station 1.

“Dapat itigil na ang gera kontra-droga. Marami pa pong katulad ko na nawalan ng ama, nawalan ng kapatid, na hanggang ngayon, isang taon na ang nakalilipas, wala pa ring hustisya (The war on drugs must end. There are a lot others like me who lost their father, sibling and until now, even a year after, there is still no justice),” she said in between sobs.

UP Diliman Chancellor Michael Tan also raised concern over the drug war, saying that seven people in and around the campus have also been gunned down and killed.

Intensified militarization under Mindanao Martial Law

Jong Monzon of the PASAKA Confederation of Lumad Organizations in Southern Mindanao gave updates on the extrajudicial killings perpetrated by state forces in the region. According to Monzon, 64 Lumad and farmer activists have been killed under the Duterte government, 20 in Southern Mindanao alone. Only last night, a member of PASAKA was gunned down by unidentified men.

As of July 31, 2017, human rights monitor Karapatan has documented 360,000 victims of indiscriminate firing and aerial bombardments in Lumad and Moro communities; 400,000 victims of forced evacuation; and 32,000 affected residents by the military’s use of schools and other public structures.

Monzon added that while Lumad schools are an expression of their right to self-determination, Duterte continues to embolden the military by declaring Martial Law in Mindanao and even threatening to bomb Lumad schools which the military say are training camps for the New People’s Army.

Shattering the silence

MAT’s manifesto also denounced the Duterte government’s outright expressions of fascism, and urges citizens to “take a stand, speak out, and act”.

Chito Gascon of the Commission on Human Rights gave assurances that the CHR will continue to document rights abuses done under the current administration. “Hindi dapat na maiwang numero ang mga nadokumentong pagyurak ng karapatang pantao. Gagawin natin ang pagdokumento ng mga paglabag sa karapatang pantao nang sa gayon ay sa sukdulan, mayroong dapat managot,” said Gascon.

“Kung matapang ka ngunit mag-isa ka lang, madali kang mapatumba. Kailangan nating magpalakas at magparami (If you are alone, even if your are brave you will be easily bowed. We need strengthen our ranks, and we need multiply). With the Movement Against Tyranny, we will have each other’s backs covered. Nakakahawa ang takot, pero sa tingin ko nakakahawa rin ang tapang (Fear is contagious, but as I see it, courage is also contagious),” artist Mae Paner said in her speech.

Never again to Martial Law

On the 45th anniversary of Marcos’ declaration of Martial Law, MAT called on the public to gather at Luneta Park on September 21 as a show of unity against human rights violations and the worsening climate of fascism and impunity.

MAT also enjoined organizations and individuals to join the movement. These include but are not limited to people’s organizations, human rights advocates, victims of human rights violations and their organizations, media organizations and practitioners, anti-Martial Law veterans and activists, lawyers’ associations and other professional organizations, organizations of the Bangsamoro and indigenous peoples, faith-based groups, civic organizations and concerned individuals.

See Groups launch alliance against ‘fascist’ Duterte government
‘Never again to martial law’

Martial law pa more by ELLEN T. TORDESILLAS

House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez said he will be pushing for a five-year extension of Martial Law in Mindanao declared by President Duterte last May 23 and is supposed to end on July 22, two days before he delivers his second State-of-the Nation address.

Alvarez, who has proven himself valuable to Duterte for shepherding a docile House of Representatives to the latter’s bidding, said Saturday, ““If I can convince my colleagues, I will push for an extension until 2022, because two months is too short. Five months or one year or two years is too short.”

Alvarez did not say what is needed that cannot be done in normal times, without the sword of Martial Law hanging over Mindanao.

Duterte himself does not seem so eager to lift martial Law in Mindanao. News reports said when he was asked last week if he would lift it before delivers his second SONA on July 24, he replied, “No”.

“I consulted the military and the police and they said it was critical. It will be the Armed Forces and the police who will say if it’s no longer critical,” he said.

Brig. Gen. Restituto Padilla, AFP spokesperson said they are still assessing the situation in Marawi that is entering its seventh week as a battlefield between government forces and terrorist groups of Maute and Abu Sayyaf which get support from the dreaded Middle East-based ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria).

There is no pressure for Duterte to end his Martial Law declaration in Mindanao. In fact, he is getting all the support. The Supreme Court upheld the validity of his Martial Law declaration in the whole of Mindanao overwhelmingly 11 – 4.

Actually, only one Associate Justice Marvic Leonen opposed his declaration all the way. Senior Associate Justice Antonio T. Carpio said Duterte’s declaration of Martial Law is valid only in Marawi City.. Chief Justice Lourdes Sereno and Associate Justice Benjamin Caguioa saw the need for Martial Law in Lanao del Sur, Maguindanao, and Sulu.

The Filipino people do not seem to worry about Martial Law in Mindanao as reflected in the survey of Social Weather Station conducted last June 23 through 26 with 66 per cent of the respondents satisfied with the way Duterte is running the country.

Never mind that in Mindanao, his net satisfaction rating dipped 12 points from 87 in March to 75 in June. His satisfaction rating increased in Luzon and Visayas for an overall assessment of “very good.”

If he is getting high score with Martial Law and all the Extra-Judicial Killings in connection with his anti- illegal drugs campaign, why should he stop? He should give the Filipino people more of the same.

The Filipino people’s embrace of Duterte’s authoritarianism reminds us of the boiling- a- frog syndrome.

If you put a frog into a pot of boiling water, it will leap out right away to escape the danger because its survival instincts are geared towards detecting sudden changes.

But, if you put a frog in a kettle that is filled with tepid water, it will enjoy the coolness and become complacent. It will not immediately react if you gradually heat the kettle.

Before it knows it, the water is boiling and it would be too late for it to jump out of the kettle. It will end up a boiled frog.

There’s a lesson to learn from the nilagang palaka.

See Martial law pa more

Duterte’s Cyber Army meets the Philippine Army by Dr. Segundo Joaquin E. Romero

If there is any institution that was able to fully institutionalize the lessons of martial law and the People Power Revolt, it is the Philippine military. That lesson is that they should always be united. They should never allow themselves to be on opposite sides of the political fence. Better be on the wrong side than to be on opposite sides. Why?

The answer is simple. When soldiers fight, they do not fight with words. They fight with bullets, rockets, and bombs. And they fight to kill and win. In the Philippine setting, a civil war military partisans on either side is unwinnable and will be like Marawi writ large.

In the end, the military will take its cue from the people. The people must decide. They must vote with their feet.

Over the medium-term, fractious the nation may be, the only stable goal that unites all Filipinos is the defense of the Constitution. Leaving the moorings of the Constitution is to be adrift in the open sea, never to find legitimate bearings.

Drifting into such contentious territory is anathema to the military. It goes against their training, their doctrine, and habits of thought and action.

While Duterte was busy making national policy through impromptu speeches all over the country, he has inadvertently slipped the balance of power in the country to the military. The military is now the only institution that stands between Filipinos and martial law.

The military seems quite comfortable holding the balance of power in the Philippines. It is secure in its understanding that doctrine dictates that the best course is to protect the Constitution. The possibility that the military will support Duterte’s narcissistic adventure into martial law or revolutionary government are slim.

Six things prevent the military from going with Duterte in uncharted territory — (1) the war on drugs that kills Filipinos wantonly, for no achievable purpose; (2) the sell-out of the West Philippine Sea territories to China; (3) the attempt to severe the Philippine military’s institutional and functional lifeline with the United States military; (4) the undeniable sentimental and historical links of Duterte to the Communist Party, National Democratic Front, and the New People’s Army; (5) Duterte’s mental instability that tends towards killing rather than healing, and the misuse of political and government institutions for narcissistic and personal ends; and (6) the military understands its limitations in operating in unfamiliar political combat territory; it will quickly dissemble if it plays a political role as backbone to a martial law regime or a revolutionary government, where personal corruption of commanders will replace loyalty to the Constitution.

What prevents the Philippines from sliding quickly into martial law or revolutionary government that makes Duterte a dictator is the institutional memory and institutional doctrines and habits of the military. Soldiers trust their lives to sergeants, lieutenants, captains, colonels, and generals. They understand the ever increasing roles and responsibilities of their officers as they move up the ladder — as soldiers who communicate, move, and kill when they are young, as managers who achieve outcomes when they are in middle rank, and as statesmen when they are of general rank.

Soldiers understand what civilians cannot — you would not want Duterte as a squad leader. You will not trust him to be a platoon leader or company battalion, or brigade commander. Heck, if you had a choice, you would not want him as a commander- in- chief. He is a loose cannon. The more fanatical his support, the more impulsive he gets, and the more dangerous he is to national security.

Towards the homestretch of the Duterte saga, it is the hypnotic trance the troll army has created in the minds of a large segment of the Filipino population that is ranged against the institutional steadfastness of the Philippine military. Every day that passes whittles down the influence of the troll army, as Duterte reveals more of his mental and verbal instability, and the army sacrifices lives to neutralize the dangers that Duterte brings to the nation.

Marawi was a turning point. Duterte was quick to declare martial law in Mindanao, thinking it was an opportune lurch towards dictatorship. To the military, it was an unnecessary, costly, and debilitating war, let loose by the tongue of one accidental President. The military sacrifices have given the military a level of political authority that is independent of Rodrigo Duterte.

In fact, the military has gained in power as against Duterte whose ability to give the military questionable and unconstitutional orders has been weakened. When Duterte and peace process chair Jess Dureza suggested that a backchannel approach to ending the Marawi siege through former Marawi mayor Solitario was broached, Lorenzana and Año virtually vetoed the idea, saying that that approach would dishonor the 150 or so soldiers who have given up their lives in the Marawi siege. I do not think any segment of the military does not identify with that sentiment.

Whatever revolutionary government Duterte is fantasizing about will have to be jumpstarted without the military, unless Duterte can appoint the equivalent of a subservient Bato dela Rosa as a chief-of-staff of the armed forces. It is too late in the day to do this. Duterte has shown how unstable his mind and hand as a leader has been. Replacing Secretary Lorenzana and General Año at this time would only hasten the spontaneous combustion of his administration.

(The author, Dr. Segundo Joaquin E. Romero, Jr. Professorial Lecturer at the Development Studies Program of the Ateneo de Manila University)

See Duterte’s Cyber Army meets the Philippine Army

Concluding remarks: (Warning: Graphic images)

I believe that president Duterte is a perfect example of an ego (mind with negative emotions such as fear, anger, hate, greed, pride) that has gone amok (mad with murderous frenzy) that manifests in the thousands of drug-dependent Filipinos dead with no peace of mind in sight for most Filipinos who are affected. See CCTV footage belies cops’ tale of deaths in Brgy 19

As long as president Duterte’s ego remains strong, he cannot learn to forgive as shown by his egoic resistance to his critics who are now in jail and facing his wrath and anger. As long as his ego is strong, he cannot learn to forgive. He will always defend his ego and is ready to take revenge in any circumstances by quieting his critics one way or the other.

My main concern at first is the possibility that Duterte might declare martial law nationwide because human rights groups are rallying for the end of EJKs by PNP, end the extention of martial law in Mindanao where the Armed Forces have been fighting the Maute group since May 23, 2017, and Duterte’s not signing of waiver for his bank accounts plus his family’s involvement in drug smuggling of shabu.

Most people are unaware about Duterte’s hand symbol whenever he poses to people which actually means a closed fisted hand symbolizing all the egoic tendencies such as hate, obsessive revolutionary dictatorial evil power. This hate symbol is infecting all the Filipino people with egoic (self-serving) tendencies when they imitate Duterte’s hand gesture. I recommend that people not imitate his hand gesture and abhor it for its representation. See Mindanao martial law extension a prelude to ‘strongman rule’ — CHR commissioner, Extend martial law after rebels all dead? and Outnumbered, lawmakers voting ‘no’ to 1-year ML extension send clear warning of its perils

Declare revolutionary government, supporters urge Duterte

As far a I remember, I was ninenteen years old when I left the Philippines 1970, over forty-seven years ago to immigrate to Canada, before martial law broke out under Ferdinand Marcos. Martial Law Proclamation No. 1081 was signed by Ferdinand Marcos, September 21, 1972. See Martial Law in the Philippines

Obviously, now is a different situation than Marcos regime where there is a drug problem and ISIS insurgency, South China Sea dispute with China, International Criminal Court case vs Duterte plus local and international human rights and anti-fascist groups, so sickly old foul-mouthed fascist Duterte and his minions better think twice before declaring martial law nationwide. See JPE: Rody has bigger problems than Marcos

Every rational thinking Filipino should know by now based on the dismal evidence described above that most 16 million pro-Duterte Filipinos have been lied to before and after the election. The relevant question is: are the Filipinos who voted for him because of his (false) promises still believe him now?

Definition of stupid (uto uto): Knowing the truth, seeing the truth, but still believing the lies. This classic definition of stupid applies to his die-hard followers, and Duterte and his administration who are lying to their teeth to stay in power with fake news and lies and repression of all opposition. See Lies Tatay Digong told me

In real life situation where drug users are dying needlessly instead of rehabilitation and young people are being killed as collateral damage with Duterte’s impossible promise that the war on drugs will be solved in six months to one year, one lie is all it takes for a person to lose interest and distrust someone like fascist Duterte.

Lastly, knowing that the Philippine Army is not going along with Duterte’s declaration of martial law plan nationwide is very comforting and hopeful enough for most peace-loving Filipinos, locally and abroad. See Duterte’s Cyber Army meets the Philippine Army

Despite the opposition of the church and criticism from politicians and the public, the sad reality is that the violent national policy of EJK that is happening in the Philippines will not change as long as Duterte is in power because president Duterte is a sick-mind fentanyl drug addict who needs help with his drug addiction. See Fentanyl has driven Duterte to madness — De Lima

Duterte is No. 1 terrorist in the Philippines – Joma Sison

Duterte ‘No. 1 drug addict in the Philippines’ –Joma Sison

“Duterte is an antidrug crusader who has struggled with drug abuse. Obsessed with death, he has turned his violent vision into national policy.”
– Richard C. Paddock

Lies by President Duterte Illustrated

AMLC’s bank records on Duterte show P1-B flow of money – Ombudsman

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Iglesia ni Duterte

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Our geography, Our destiny

DISCLAIMER: This educational article by Ricardo B Serrano, a Filipino-Canadian patriot, is his opinion on the current president of the Philippines – Duterte and his fascist regime in the Philippines. Ricardo, a truth-seeking blogger with no renumeration for his blogging, has been following and reading news updates on the war on drugs led by president Duterte since he became president June 30, 2016.

For more info and updates, please visit Facebook’s Ourgeography, our destiny

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