US, Philippines and Japan vs China

“Countries should be judged by their actions, not by their words.”
– Philippine Foreign Secretary Albert del Rosario

Case Study, news and Update to Our Geography is our Destiny: Since Chinese Communist Party (CCP) as an evil cult is a perfect example for Foreign Secretary Albert del Rosario‘s axiom that ‘countries should be judged by their actions, not by their words’, the following commentary sheds light on this axiom for the benefit of everyone affected in a worldwide scale. Since Communism believes in violence as the principal weapon of policy or of change, US military facilities in the Philippine bases via US-Philippines enhanced defense cooperation agreement (EDCA) can act as a deterrence, a “security cover”, to China’s land grabbing aggressive behavior towards the Philippines’ contested waters rich in oil, gas, and fish and has submitted a historic memorial last March 30, 2014 before the United Nations Arbitral Tribunal to rule on the sea dispute. This commentary of mine is historical in nature based on real events with a relevant question: Will the majority of patriotic Filipinos let the communist leaning Filipinos and corrupt politicians hinder the right actions of the present Philippine government against CCP?

In summary, with a great sigh of relief and God’s grace, the two very important events in regards to CCP’s bullying and land grabbing behavior in the Panatag Shoal and Ayungin Shoal of the Philippines since 2010 are (1) the submission of the memorial from the Philippine government to the UN international tribunal on the Law of the Sea (ITLOS) against China’s 9-dash claim last March 30, 2014 together with (2) the signing of the US-Philippine Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) last April 28, 2014 and US President Obama’s iron-clad commitment to defend the Philippines. The following highlights on the preceding news releases sourced from the trusted Philippine’s online news are related to the implementation of these two important events:

China’s naval military, an extension of CCP, has been destabilizing the regional status quo in Asian countries such as Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam and Philippines with its unilateral ruling such as Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) affecting Japan in the East China Sea last November 2013, and the January 2014 fisheries rule in the West Philippine Sea affecting Vietnam and the Philippines with China cementing its 9-dash absurd claim that the whole of South China Sea is their undisputed sovereignty.

China’s ADIZ and fishing ruling

Both China’s rulings, ADIZ and fisheries rulings, obviously violate the 200 mile Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) according to 1982 United Nation Convention on the Law of Sea (UNCLOS) and international law, and because of this disregard and violation to international law, US allies such as Japan, Vietnam and Philippines have decided not to follow China’s rulings challenging China’s hegemony, illegal and coercive military intentions in the disputed reefs and islands for its illegal fishing and land grabbing for oil and natural gas in the pacific region.

The Japanese and Philippine governments with the assistance of United States of America and other allies since 2010 have been speedily modernizing their armed forces because of the military coercion of CCP together with ADIZ and fisheries ruling.

ITLOS Arbitration

Despite the arbitration result in favor of the Philippines hopefully from International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (ITLOS) will be known by mid-2015, China has chosen unilaterally to be an international outlaw disregarding and violating UNCLOS and international law with the January 2014 fisheries ruling.

Beijing has repeatedly ruled out accepting any UN arbitration or multilateral discussions, preferring bilateral talks with individual countries in Southeast Asia, an approach that allows Chinese leaders to bring greater pressure to bear. See We’re China’s Czechoslovakia, says Philippines, US challenges Beijing sea claims based on nine-dash line, and SOUTH CHINA SEA: EXPLICIT ASSERTION BY US DISPUTING CHINA’S NINE DASH LINE – ANALYSIS, China documentary: What’s in store for PH, ASEAN?, PH defies China warning, China warns PH about further damage to ties

See US Admiral says China’s 9-dash line not valid, China fired water cannon vs Pinoy fisherman at Panatag Shoal and Philippines confident of legal victory in maritime row, Philippines has backing of Vietnam, Malaysia vs China’s Sea claims, Philippines to host US military facilities

Wrath of international community

Solicitor General Francis Jardeleza said that if the Philippines wins the case and China refuses to heed the ruling, Beijing will have “to face the wrath of the international community.” See Ruling on West Philippine Sea claim may be out by 2015 and No basis in China’s historical right over West Philippine Sea, PH files memorial vs China, China dodges PH, invokes international law, Philippine’s Memorial against China: What it may look like

China’s land grabbing aggressive behavior in the West Philippine Sea has raised tension in the Ayungin shoal 105 nautical miles away from Rizal, Palawan. See US troubled by Ayungin Shoal incident, US, Philippines sending message to China with new defense pact, Prepare for consequences, China warned, Philippines shrugs off latest China warning, China posturing to seize Ayungin, PH supply ship evades Chinese blockade

“With the submission of the Philippine memorial and with the support of the Filipino people,” Foreign secretary Albert del Rosario explained, “we are defending what is legitimately and rightfully ours.” See PH on China,: Judge us by actions, not words

US-Philippines Alliance

The US-Philippine enhanced defense cooperation agreement, EDCA, signed April 28, 2014 binds each country to come to the other’s aid if its armed forces or ships are attacked in the Pacific. The US-Philippines EDCA is similar to the mutual defense treaties between US and South Korea, Australia and Japan. See Philippines presents to US ‘full draft text’ of military bases access deal, US commander emphasizes Philippine alliance amid China row, Obama reiterates support for Philippine security, US-Philippine pact to highlight Obama’s Asia rebalance: minister

According to the Philippine Department of National Defense, “The proposed agreement will allow the sharing of defined areas within certain AFP [Armed Forces of the Philippines] facilities with elements of the US military on a rotational basis within parameters consistent with the Philippine Constitution and laws.”

It is increasingly clear that Japan, the Philippines, and Vietnam are strengthening their strategic cooperation while at the same time encouraging deeper American commitment to hedge against China’s rising assertiveness in contested maritime areas. It is unclear, however, whether those efforts will pressure China to soften or harden its territorial claims and geopolitical ambitions. See New Ties, new risks in South China Sea, China and rivals sign naval pact to ease maritime tensions, US, Philippines reach deal troops, Philippines, US sign defence pact, What is the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement and what does it mean for PH?, DFA chief: US bound to defend PH in case of attack in West Philippine Sea

On April 28, 2014 President Barack Obama gives a toast: “We have an iron-clad commitment to defend you.” Obama: US will defend Philippines, Obama, Aquino hold bilateral talks, Obama says Philippine pact promotes Asia security, Full Statement by President Obama, Obama warns China anew vs force in territorial disputes, Obama: US committed to defend Philippines, Obama: Allies never stand alone, What Obama said: Highlights of the US President’s visit to Manila, Document: Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement

See Vietnam and Philippines confront China, Philippines and Vietnam in the South China Sea, Japan, US to help Southeast Asia with maritime security, US: Will stand by allies in disputes with China, US warns China vs bullying Asian allies, US defense chief warns China over territorial claims, US to China: We will protect Philippines, US Forces in Asia

International Support for Philippines

A global association of political parties has condemned China’s aggression in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea), in a move the Philippines hailed as an “international expression of support” for its claim on isles in the disputed territory.

In a one-page resolution issued in Brussels, the Centrist Democrat International (CDI) said it “condemns the forcible takeover and occupation of the Scarborough Islets and the Ayungin Islands in the South China Sea” that the CDI said were “possessed and occupied by the Philippines as part of its continental shelf and within its exclusive economic zone.”

The resolution said the CDI “denounces China’s unilateral, forcible and violent takeover of the resource-rich islets and marine sanctuary [in the West Philippine Sea].”

It called on other nations to register a similar objection, warning that history’s destructive wars began when democratic nations “stood silent in the face of unlawful occupations of other nations’ territory.”

It said the world should remember the lessons of past occupations by condemning “territorial encroachments wherever they occur.”

It strongly urged China to “pursue peaceful, lawful and internationally sanctioned rules on dispute resolution to remove rising tensions in the region, and seek peaceful, rules-based solutions of the conflicting claims.” See International group backs Philippines in sea dispute with China and UK calls for ‘rules-based’ solutions to West Philippine Sea dispute

Why is China doing this warmongering actions to its Asian neighbors? What are the real unethical reasons besides not following the rule of law because of expansionism land grabbing greed why the illegitimate totalitarian China’s government is hell bent in threatening the peace and freedom of navigation in the East and South China Sea?

“Man’s own mind lures him to evil ways and not his foes or enemy.”
– Gautama Buddha

As a patriotic Filipino-Canadian born in the Philippines, I did a historical research on the reasons why China with its 5000 years of civilization would do such an uncivilized action to its peace loving trade neighbor such as the Philippines. Having interned in Chinese medicine in Zhejiang, China with its rich Chinese history and kindhearted people, and studied with my enlightened master Chinese teachers of Chinese medicine, acupuncture, acupressure, herbs and Qigong, who have left China, I now realized the reason why China invaded Philippine territories – simply because China is ruled by the ego-based evil cult of Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The answers to what the evil cult of communism is will be answered with the following quotations from an excellent referential article called “Why I am Fighting Communism” by Philippine ex-President Ferdinand Marcos from Diary Entry Of February 1, 1970:

1. Because it does not believe in God. It believes that everything that happens is brought about by man alone. It believes in the theory of dialectic materialism. I believe in God.

2. Under communism, a man has no rights. He is a creature of the State. It is the State that is glorified not man. So man becomes a slave under communism.

3. Under communism, a man has no freedom. In contradistinction to democracy where individual freedom is sacrosanct, communism does not allow such simple liberties as freedom of thought, speech and religion among many others. There is no such thing as dissent or debate or dialogue.

4. Correspondingly, under communism a man may own no land as he may not own any production goods. The cry of land for the landless is a mere shibboleth. For the land belongs to the state and the farmers are only slaves of the state. The farmers get a share of the produce byt only such share as the State arbitrarily dictates.

5. Communism is a totalitarianism or a dictatorship by the elite who have acquired power through force, killing, murder and coercion. Prime examples are Stalin and Mao Tse Tung.

6. Correspondingly the common people that communism is supposed to serve do not have any share in government nor in decision-making. Communism does not allow such simple processes as an election or voting or political campaigns. Everything is dictated by the few or the man on top who got there by force or violence.

7. The common people, the laborers, farmers and the employees, cannot rise beyond their level. They cannot send their children to school to become lawyers, doctors, engineers, teachers or attain any profession they may wish. The State, meaning the ruling elite, determines what the people become. There is no alternative.

8. Communism gives no inducement to genius, talent, perseverance and hard work. Everybody is pulled down to a common wage or salary except the rulers who live in a state of luxury and privilege.

9. Communism ostensibly seeks to eradicate the ruling or influential oligarchies. But it succeeds in only replacing them with a worse group – the ruling or influential cliques and elite who actually rule without the approval or consent of the people. These group of elitists cannot be changed except by violence or force – by a revolution.

10. Communism ostensibly seeks to drive away the foreign colonialists in the Philippines, the Americans. But it would place the Philippines under a new alien power – Red China, which is worse. Our country should be free and not dominate by any alien power.

11. Communism believes in violence as the principal weapon of policy or of change. “Power comes out of the barrel of a gun,” is its principal dictum. Everytime there has been change in a communist country, there has been killing, arson, pillage and destruction – wasteful, merciless and senseless. In contradistinction to this, democracy offers change through the democratic process of elections and free speech in the open market of ideas. The process may be creaky, unwieldy and sometimes frustrating, but comparatively, it is humane, Christian, wiser, more democratic and less wasteful.

Let us improve the house we now have, [which] we call democracy – for it has defects. But let us not burn it down.


By understanding the true ideology and history of the CCP as summarized above hopefully will enlighten the reader to understand the present situation of the Asian countries like Japan, and the Philippines against the evil control of the CCP not only to its Chinese people but also to its voracious appetite for control of the natural resources of its neighboring countries. Inevitably, the CCP’s action if not altered not only will bring war against the vanguard of freedom toward upholding the rule of law by a military superpower such as the United States of America which is a close ally of Japan and the Philippines but also bring into itself its demise, and the sought-after liberation of the Chinese people from its hold.

On a personal level, we can liken CCP as the ego’s relentless control to satisfy its unsatiable physical appetites not realizing its eventual death is coming through spiritual regeneration and the practice of virtues such as truthfulness, compassion and tolerance. It is an excellent example that the sought after peace and harmony can’t be attained without the most valuable aspects of traditional Chinese culture based upon the beliefs in Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism.

A great master said, “And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” When you know that the truth is what you are, the next step is to see the truth, to see what you are. Only then are you free. Free of what? Free of the emotional drama that is the consequence of believing in lies. When the truth sets you free, the symbols and agreements you learned and believed are true are no longer ruling your world.

“Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I had said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Buddha

I would like the thank and acknowledge the Epoch Times website for its presentation of the Nine Commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party.

One of the greatest threat to freedom and peace facing Asia now is the evil cult of Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

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