VFA/EDCA needed to defend West PH Sea

Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA)

“All Filipinos should unite in support for a stronger Philippines.” – EDCA

“Laude case not reason to kill VFA.” – Speaker Feliciano Belmonte

“Rehabilitation is the path to take.” – Ricardo B Serrano, R.Ac.

Commentary, news and updates to China vs Philippines Ayungin Standoff: After two years of negotiations between US and Philippine government’s Mutual Defense Board with the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) signed on April 28, 2014, it is now up to the Philippine Supreme Court (SC) to junk the petitions vs EDCA and declare it as constitutional. Why is it so necessary for the SC to declare EDCA constitutional? Simply because EDCA is needed to defend West Philippine Sea, according to the Office of Solicitor General.

I personally believe that the Supreme Court must rule on the constitutionality of EDCA as soon as possible to support President Aquino’s primary constitutional duty to serve and protect the people, promote national security, upgrade the AFP’s military facilities and preposition defense assets, and improve the military’s capabilities for humanitarian assistance and disaster response (HADR).

An EDCA, an implementing agreement of the VFA, between the Philippines and USA will not only benefit the Philippines’ militarily but also economically. It is obvious that China wants to grab Philippine territories for its natural resources and with the US Armed Forces and AFP via EDCA, balance is created in the military might between the Philippines and China.

While the murder of Jeffrey “Jennifer” Laude, a Filipino transgender, last October 11, 2014 in Olongapo City, Zambales by Private First Class Joseph Scott Pemberton of the US Marine Corps 2nd Battalion 9th Marines is under investigation, under the VFA’s provision that address the matter on criminal jurisdiction and custody of indicted servicemen, Philippines could ask the US to waive custody with the trial under Philippine jurisdiction, as said by DFA Secretary Albert del Rosario since it was done “in the case of a heinous crime.”

The DOJ official cited Article 5, Section 6 of the VFA, which provides that “the custody of any United States personnel over whom the Philippines is to exercise jurisdiction shall immediately reside with United States military authorities, if they so request, from the commission of the offense until completion of all judicial proceedings.”

“The VFA contains specific provisions on the legal processes to ensure that justice will prevail. The Philippine government is firmly committed to attain this objective,” he added.

Presidential Communications Operations Office Secretary Coloma also said the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement is unlikely be affected by the incident.

“In all of these matters, it is the national interest of the Philippines that will be upheld. As we know, there is a question that has been raised before the Supreme Court on the constitutionality of the EDCA; and as you know also, for the EDCA to be fully effective, there will have to be specific implementing rules and regulations, and that is still an ongoing process,” he said.

“So, I am simply stating that the Philippines is undertaking all of these measures within the broad context of its national defense program, which is the framework for the Mutual Defense Treaty and the Visiting Forces Agreement,” Coloma said (PH to insist on custody).

The killing of transgender Jeffrey “Jennifer” Laude in Olongapo City has given the Philippine government more reason to review the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) with the United States, Malacañang spokesperson Coloma said on Thursday, October 16, 2014.

A lawyer clarified that the Philippines has the automatic jurisdiction over a US serviceman involved in a crime in the country, a report on State of the Nation with Jessica Soho aired on Monday, October 21, 2014, said.

President Benigno Aquino III on Monday, October 21, 2014 dismissed calls to repeal the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) forged by the country with the United States following the murder of a Filipino transgender allegedly committed by a US Marine.

That the Philippines has to ‘request’ for custody is an anomaly given that the Philippines has the right to have custody once a criminal case has been filed in court.

Both the Philippines and the US agree on US Marine Pemberton’s detention at Camp Aguinaldo. They will share custody of Private First Class Joseph Scott Pemberton, says the AFP chief General Catapang. The US embassy insists it has the ‘right to retain custody’ of Private First Class Joseph Scott Pemberton despite his transfer to Camp Aguinaldo. The Philippines concurs.

A majority of senators want a review of the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) with the United States, with the objective of amending certain provisions of the treaty, particularly on criminal jurisdiction and custody.

Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert del Rosario on Wednesday defended the Visiting Forces Agreement, saying that the pact is the reason why the Philippines has jurisdiction over the murder of Jeffrey “Jennifer” Laude by suspect United States Marine Joseph Scott Pemberton.

The prosecuting panel is to decide by mid-December whether there is probable cause to charge the American with murder, punishable under Philippine law by life imprisonment.

Justice Secretary De Lima said the transfer of Pemberton Wednesday was a signal that the 19-year-old US serviceman was already put under the custody of Philippine authorities.

Who has legal custody of US Marine Private First Class Joseph Scott Pemberton, the suspect in the killing of Filipino transgender Jeffrey “Jennifer” Laude?

The custody question cropped up yesterday as the Philippines and United States are now at loggerheads over who has the legal custody of Pemberton – whom President Aquino said has been getting “special negative treatment” or even “worse treatment” than a Filipino implicated in a similar crime.

Justice Secretary Leila de Lima clarifies that while the Philippines is moving to clarify guidelines in implementing the military agreement with the US, it isn’t necessarily open to amending the treaty.

US Ambassador to the Philippines Philip Goldberg defended the controversial Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) on Thursday, October 23, by claiming it helps in investigating an American serviceman’s alleged involvement in a transgender Filipino’s death.

The Philippine government is drawing up implementing rules for the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA), including provisions on custody of US servicemen.

The Philippine government is determined to keep its military agreements with the United States despite public outcry over the murder of Filipino transgender Jeffrey “Jennifer” Laude allegedly by an American serviceman.

President Aquino said the Philippines needs the Mutual Defense Treaty (MDT) as well as the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) with the US to boost the country’s capability in addressing various challenges on security, territorial integrity, and disaster response. He assured that the government continues to uphold the national interest in forging these defense accords with its strategic ally.

Foreign Secretary Albert Del Rosario declared Friday October 24, 2014 that neither the Philippines nor the United States was keen on renegotiating the terms of the Visiting Forces Agreement, amid fresh calls for abrogation of the agreement in the wake of the killing of a Filipino transgender woman allegedly by an American soldier.

American forces are guarding Marine Pfc. Joseph Scott Pemberton, yet a ring of Filipino troops surrounds them. The seemingly redundant security effort around the suspect in a Philippine murder case reflects Manila’s uneasy ties with Washington, its former colonial master.

The United States is open to talks on reviewing the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA), especially for the purpose of joint clarification and based on mutually agreed premises, Ambassador Philip Goldberg said yesterday October 25, 2014.

Goldberg said he sympathized with the slain transgender Jeffrey Laude but the rights of Private First Class Joseph Scott Pemberton of the US Marines, the suspect in the killing, must also be respected.

Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin says terminating the Visiting Forces Agreement ‘will have an adverse effect‘ on the country’s defense posture.

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Now that EDCA between AFP and USAF is being planned (Monday, October 13, 2014) in full force as a strong military deterrent to China’s coercive actions in the West Philippine Sea that is endangering Philippine maritime security, the AFP bases are now accessed by US forces as part of their planned increased rotational presence in the Philippines.

While there was a senators petition and 2nd party list petition to block EDCA in the Supreme Court, Mutual Defense Board and Security Engagement Board, co-chaired by the AFP Chief and US Pacific Command commander Admiral Samuel Locklear, will continue the planning so when SC issues a positive ruling for EDCA it would be executed immediately.

Mutual Defense Board is the consulting body for EDCA. There will be a process for selecting bases for rotating US troops and equipment, there will also be an approval process.

There were three petitions filed and hopefully nullified in the Supreme Court questioning the constitutionality and EDCA’s benefit for the country.

The national government is ready to defend EDCA. “We believe this is constitutional. We are prepared to defend the EDCA before the Supreme Court,” Presidential Spokesman Edwin Lacierda said on earlier interview.

A new round of joint military exercises by Philippine and American forces in Palawan and Luzon is a “soft launch” for the activities planned under the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA), a progressive lawmaker Terry Ridon claimed.

Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno disclosed that the Supreme Court (SC) is set to hear legal questions on the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) on November 18.

EDCA is a 10-year defense agreement that allows for an enlarged rotational presence of American troops in the Philippines. Under the agreement, US military personnel will have access to designated Philippine military facilities, the right to construct facilities, and pre-position equipment, aircraft and vessels.

The rich mineral and energy resources (estimate worth running into the billions of dollars) present along our 200 mile EEZ has likewise attracted strong interests from China, resulting in the current conflicting historical 9-dashed line claim and wholesale reclamation in the Kalayaan Islang Group (KIG) and the Spratley Island Group (SIG) and other areas of the West Philippine Sea (WPS).

South China Sea: Still no evidence of historical Chinese claims

If not properly managed, these conflicts could undermine the peace and stability of the WPS. Likewise, our EEZ borders make it vulnerable to illegal maritime activities, such as: terrorism, piracy, poaching, human, drugs and firearms trafficking, money laundering, and migration.

South China Sea row endangers Philippine maritime security

These maritime threats pose a significant threat to the freedom of navigation within our national waters and regional commerce. Freedom of navigation within our territory is essential not only for the local economy but also for the global economy. It is also in the interest of the state that aforementioned territorial disputes are settled in a peaceful manner so as not to disrupt the global commerce and trade. See China will snub int’s tribunal ruling on sea row with Philippines

China reef development a prelude to Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ)

The Enhanced Defence Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) provides for enhanced defense cooperation between the US and the Philippines to maintain and develop the individual and collective capacities of the Philippines and the United States to resist armed attack. It also supports the goal of improving interoperability.

More importantly, the EDCA aims to address the AFP’s “short-term capabilities gaps, promoting long-term modernization, and helping maintain and develop additional maritime security, maritime domain awareness, and humanitarian assistance and disaster relief capabilities.”

This will be achieved through increased rotational presence of US troops and “security cooperation exercises; joint and combined training activities; humanitarian assistance and disaster relief activities; and such other activities as may be agreed upon by the Parties.”

Despite the concerns of some party list sectors, 90 percent of Filipinos strongly support the agreement and its stated goals. In our humble opinion, our national security and sovereignty should be non-negotiable and we should fully support the decision of our leaders in the government regarding the urgent necessity of EDCA.

EDCA needed to defend West Philippine Sea

Government lawyers on Friday, October 10, 2014, asked the Supreme Court to dismiss the petitions seeking to nullify the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA), which gives the US greater access to military bases in the country.

In a 32-page consolidated comment, the Office of the Solicitor General told the high court that President Benigno Aquino III entered into the 10-year agreement to “promote national security interests.”

“Under Article II, Section 4 of the Constitution, the President, as head of State and chief representative of government, has the prime duty to serve and protect the people,” read the pleading of the nine-member OSG panel.

Acting Solicitor General Florin Hilbay said the President also approved the EDCA to implement pre-existing treaties, including the Mutual Defense Treaty (MDT) and the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA).

“What the EDCA does is to enhance the existing contractual security apparatus between the Philippines and the US, set up through the MDT and the VFA. It is the duty of the Honorable Court to allow this security apparatus enough breathing space to respond to perceived, anticipated, and actual exigencies,” he said.

Hilbay pointed out that the agreement is significant in addressing the country’s external and internal security concerns.

Inviting the Supreme Court to consider the “international platform of politics” as well as “recent events within Philippine territory,” Hilbay argued that the EDCA is one of the security measures necessary “to achieve a minimum credible defense to the manifold security concerns in the West Philippine Sea.”

The court, he said, “should not render the President helpless or impair his ability to set up a national security apparatus in the face of clear, present, and verified reports of activities that endanger the integrity of the Philippine State.”

It also reminded the high tribunal about the separation of powers and how the judiciary has “invariably maintained a deferential attitude to executive decisions on matters of national security.” It said the judiciary shared the President’s job “to uphold national security and protect national territory.”

“In any case, the exercise of the authority to uphold national security has barely any limitations, for the President must be given the widest latitude in balancing the nation’s limited options and calibrating his responses to ensure their maximum intended effect,” the OSG said.

“Judicial deference to decisions relating to national security is also required by the principle of separation of powers,” it said.

Two new activities

EDCA expands existing cooperation activities to include two new activities. The US military can build military facilities and preposition defense assets in “agreed locations” that have yet to be determined by the two countries.

Critics argue that this is de facto basing, which is not allowed in the Constitution. But the Filipino negotiators maintained the necessary provisions were put in place to make sure that Filipino officers have access to facilities that the Americans are going to build. This was an issue that caused an impasse during the negotiations.

The OSG said EDCA will not only improve the country’s defense posture in the West Philippine Sea, it will also improve the military’s capabilities for humanitarian assistance and disaster response (HADR).

“The country’s experience with Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) last November 2013 has made us acutely aware of the need to develop HADR capability to provide immediate response to disaster-stricken areas. Moreover, this experience underscores not only the fact that disaster response requires more than the immediate rescue of survivors, but also that grave calamities require international effort,” it said.

Coming Soon: Supreme Court’s constitutional decision on EDCA

Is EDCA constitutional? according to EDCA

Yes. EDCA provides that the access and use of AFP facilities by the US military will be “at the invitation of the Philippines and with full respect for the Philippine Constitution and Philippine laws.”

The constitutional provision which prohibits the establishment of “foreign military bases… or facilities” in the country except under a treaty duly concurred in by the Senate does not apply to EDCA.

The defining features of “foreign military bases” – extraterritoriality, exclusivity in use and foreign ownership – will not be applicable in the Agreed Locations.

On the other hand, the entry of US military troops for military exercises and other approved activities is already allowed under the PH-US Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) which is a treaty concurred in by the Senate and upheld by the Supreme Court.

The provisions of EDCA, an executive agreement, are consistent with the Philippine Constitution, laws, and jurisprudence.

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“If there is no security, there is no sovereignty.” – Roilo Golez

“What other viable peaceful options do we have to resolve China’s fanatical expansion agenda with invasive armed aggression?” – Ricardo B Serrano

[Video] Aquino: Philippines will stick up for its territorial rights

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SC activates site for audio live streaming of oral arguments on EDCA

SC sets EDCA debate on November 18

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One of the greatest threat to freedom and peace facing Asia now is the international outlaw Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

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West Phillipine Sea Primer

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My predictions three months ago:

I personally believe that the Supreme Court will rule on the constitutionality of EDCA to support President Aquino’s primary constitutional duty to serve and protect the people, promote national security, upgrade the AFP’s military facilities and preposition defense assets, and improve the military’s capabilities for humanitarian assistance and disaster response (HADR).

I believe that regardless of a favorable outcome of the Philippine’s memorial submission to ITLOS, China will still use threats of force, intimidation, coercion and gunboat diplomacy because China will disregard the arbitration outcome and a tribunal can’t stop China from bullying its neighbors posing a complicated challenge to the region’s peace and security unless a necessary boost in military hardware upgrade capability in the Philippines is attained together with a US asia-pacific alliance, sanctions and a strong international support to militarily confront or deter China’s armed invasion collectively thereby upholding the rule of international law, unimpeded trade and freedom of navigation. What other viable peaceful options do we have to resolve China’s fanatical expansion agenda with invasive armed aggression?

With China’s disregard to UN arbitration and international law’s UNCLOS by its illegal declaration of sovereignty to all of South China Sea with its unilateral attempts to assert its bogus 9-dash line claims through its show of intimidation or force in the Philippines and Vietnam, will the group of G-7 still remain silent to China’s military intentions or act on its mandate to oppose China’s actions now?

Since the problem is a state of unpreparedness – the lack of military capability of the AFP now, I believe that a viable alternative or contingency measure to the current sea dispute situation between China and the Philippines would be for the G-7 allies to provide the AFP with the necessary training and credible number of military hardware such as warships, missiles, fighter planes, and drones, on loans, to counter Chinese invasion of Philippine reefs and shoals.

Well trained and credible armed Filipino soldiers have done their own fighting before against internal terrorists, in the Korean war and in WW2 and as first defenders before other nations will intervene, AFP will fight these Chinese invaders and outlaws again with a credible military hardware upgrade to protect its sovereignty and prevent further loss of more rich natural resource Philippine territories to China.”

China keeps on saying that ASEAN claimants must adhere to the Code of Conduct (COC) but at the same time China simply violates that rule and says that it has the right to do whatever it wants in the Spratley’s.

China keeps on building structures and even doing reclamation works despite repeatedly stressing that all claimants must adhere to the COC, which includes stopping any development of any uninhabited area.

In this sense, China is fooling everybody including the US and the global community just like how it stole Mischief Reef.

The Philippines must be reminded of China’s “talk and take strategy”.

It fooled President Noynoy when Noynoy agreed to the withdrawal of ships from Scarborough. Eventually, the Philippine ships were called back to port but the Chinese simply laughed at President Noynoy for believing the Chinese.

Now, that the US has maintained the position of not intervening (unless a war breaks out) then China will probably pursue its objective.

Our only chance is the economic sanctions and making the US and its allies support that sanction. PNoy must work with the US in building a new trade pact that will replace whatever will be lost when we slap China with economic sanctions. Treat ASEAN as one solid economic bloc that will replace the lost Chinese market.

Definitely, we will enforce an enhanced sanction when the UN tribunal announces the decision. Let the US and the rest of the G7 plus EU support that effort.

Traits of the Communist Party – evil, deceit, incitement, unleashing the scum of society, espionage, robbery, fighting, elimination, and control.

Ricardo B Serrano, R.Ac.

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I believe that rehabilitating rather than condemning foreign servicemen who committed sexual crimes in the Philippines is the path to take. Future sexual crimes can be avoided by foreign servicemen through the availability of drug-free natural therapies such as Classical Chinese Medicine with Qigong instructions.

I also believe that US-PH EDCA with its implementing Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) should be reviewed rather than scrapped because the Philippines needs it to defend West Philippine Sea from China’s creeping incursions in the Philippine territories with joint military capability of US servicemen and military hardware.

Fanaticism and extreme measures by politicians and militants to scrap EDCA with VFA should be discouraged and replaced with common sense and respect for Filipino’s foremost constitutional right in protecting our territorial sovereignty from China’s creeping invasion rather than being fixated in the sexual crime of one US servicemen to a Filipino citizen which should be legally handled solely.

Recycling of sexual energy heals sexual behavior problems.

I believe that the root behavioral problem of not only US Marines or any US servicemen but also other male soldiers from other countries doing crimes against women, transgender, bisexual or children is their own unguarded thoughts – that their worst enemy is not their opponent but their own unguarded thoughts.

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