Awakening Heart of a Bodhisattva

The Tao that can be spoken of is not the eternal Tao;

The name that can be named is not the eternal name.

The nameless is the origin of Heaven and Earth;

The named is the root of all things.

Ever desireless, one can see the mystery.

Ever desiring, one can see the manifestations.

These two spring from the same source but differ in name;

this appears as darkness.

Darkness within darkness.

The gate to all mystery.

                        — Chapter One in Tao Te Ching

Our Yi is Empowered by Our Shen or Spirit

“Shen manifests only when the heart is open. Once the heart is open, shen manifests as light that illuminates the path of a man or woman in life’s journey toward the spiritual goal and along the spiritual path.” – quotes from Radiant Health book

The attainment of spiritual healing and enlightenment – realization of Buddha Nature – through empowerment by Shen which is realized only when our hearts are open to unconditional love, is elaborated and validated by the following quotations from Qigong and meditation practitioners who embody the inner divine qualities of Shen as Bodhisattvas (awakening beings) or Qigong Masters.

According to a Citizendium Qigong article, “The Chinese consider everything to be Qigong. Considering that everything we do takes energy, they are correct. However, the level of one’s Qigong is proportional to the amount of conscious intent one is using.

The amount of intent one can use is directly related to how much awareness one can maintain. Awareness can not remain without the ability to remain focused. The ability to remain focused requires Yi or Will Power. And finally, our Yi is empowered by our Shen or Spirit. This concept of Spirit does not refer to the Western concept of a person’s soul. Rather, it refers to the concept of having an Indomitable Heart. It is just like the term we use when we speak of a Spirited Thoroughbred Horse or a fighter who refuses to give up and is referred to as having “Heart.”

A focused mind with great Yi or Will Power may enable high level Qigong skills. However, without a Purified Heart, all that maybe accomplished are selfish desires and goals.

Therefore, True Qigong practice also requires one to practice purifying one’s heart and mind.

As you have just read, Qigong actually encompasses every aspect of our lives: Our Physical, Energetic, Emotional, Moral and even Spiritual Well Being.

I have added Spiritual Well Being here in its common Western aspect. This is because if you have not made peace with your personal concept of Creation, I do not believe it is possible to be at ease enough to develop and experience true well being in any other aspect of your life.”


According to Lama Zopa Rinpoche, “By meditating on loving-kindness, peace naturally arises in our hearts and in our surrounding world. Maitreya Buddha is the embodiment of loving-kindness and the Maitreya Peace Meditation is a practical method by which anyone, of any or even no religion, can generate loving-kindness, the real cause of peace.”

According to Ron Teeguarden’s Radiant Health book, “Our true Spirit, which the Chinese call shen, is the spark of divinity that resides within the heart of every human being and manifests as love, kindness, compassion, generosity, giving, tolerance, forgiveness, mercy, tenderness and the appreciation of beauty. It is the Spirit of a human being as the divine messenger, the channel of God’s will and love. Shen is the purpose of all spiritual paths. It is the Buddha’s desire to end suffering and it is Christ’s love and compassion… Shen manifests only when the heart is open. Once the heart is open, shen manifests as light that illuminates the path of a man or woman in life’s journey toward the spiritual goal and along the spiritual path.”

Shen, spirit or mind, energy is developed by the combination of jing and qi energy. When these two Treasures are in balance, the mind is strong, the spirit is great, the emotions are under control, and the body is strong and healthy. But it is very difficult to expect a sound mind to be cultivated without sound jing and qi. An old proverb says that a sound mind lives in a sound body. When cultivated, shen will bring peace of mind.

When we develop jing, we get a large amount of qi automatically. When we have a large amount of qi, we will also have strong shen, and we will become bright and glowing as a holy man. This bright whole body glow or lightbody also called Energy Bubble is a result of strongly developed Three Treasures – jing, qi, and shen.

From the above Qigong article stating that our Yi (will power, attention, intention, awareness) is empowered by our Shen or Spirit (within our hearts), the future articles on Sheng Zhen Gong will answer the question “What is the best heart-opening Qigong form to best cultivate Bodhicitta (awakening heart/mind) to become a Bodhisattva (awakened being) and manifest or embody the inner divine qualities of our Shen or Spirit?”

Maitreya Buddha

Maitreya Buddha

May I attain Buddhahood for the benefit of all sentient beings.Bodhisattva Vow

See Heart Sutra Mantra, Buddha’s Teachings and Quotations, Three Jewels of Buddhism

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