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What is Pranic Healing?

“Since the students of Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui’s version of external medical chi kung do not have to learn thousands of acupuncture points but, rather, only a few major and semi-major acupuncture points, they can learn and apply his system faster and easier.” In ancient Chinese Medical Science, there are five levels of healing skills. […]

Master Mike Nator

Master Mike Nator MCKS meeting with Mang Mike Mang Mike was introduced to Master Choa Kok Sui by Samuel in about 1975. MCKS visited Mang Mike a few times in Cebu City prior to Mang Mike’s departure for Iran to work as a master baker. He was kind and very accommodating person. He was a […]

Letters from Master Mike Nator

Master Mike Nator The following are the personal letters to me from Mang Mike Nator, and also Origin of SUFI-ISIS, an edited transcription of Mang Mike’s sharing during the 1997 SUFI retreat. Date: Tue, 03 Mar 1998 08:09:59 From: Master Miguel Nator Organization: Serve the U.N.I.C.O.R.N. Fellowship, Inc. (S.U.F.I.) Subject: Application for Winged Unicorn Meditation […]

Meditation on Twin Hearts

Scientific Studies and Research done on Meditation on Twin Hearts Research and Scientific studies have been completed on the neurophysiological, psychological, and sociological and psychospiritual effects of the Meditation on Twin Hearts. These studies have been conducted in the most part by Glenn Mendoza, M.D. in New York City, New York and by Dr. Vrunda […]

You Hold the Keys to Healing

Techniques of a Master “When one attains oneness with the higher soul you lose anger, insecurity, depression, anxiety, fear of old age and death. I am Spirit Soul. Aham Brahmasmi.” – Acharya Ricardo B Serrano “Awareness and intention are powerful factors for personal transformation and healing.” Joy of samadhi Now that the seven books by […]

A Path to Freedom

Do people have to suffer greatly making major human mistakes in life decisions creating negative karma in the process such as physical, mental or emotional imbalances, hitting rock bottom from addictions or other self inflicted diseases, before waking up to the truth or realization of what is most important in life or what they really […]

Why I meditate on Hanuman ji

The ebook “Why I meditate on Hanuman ji” is about the reasons why Ricardo B Serrano meditates on Hanuman ji because who you meditate on, you become. Who you meditate on, you become. The master (guru) is the means. – Shiva Sutra 2.6 Product Details Loose Leaf: 50 pages Publisher: (April 21, 2012) Language: […]

You Hold the Healing Codes

“The energy ball is your magical ally for power and guidance.” – Ricardo B Serrano, R.Ac. The healing codes are the Healing Conscious Mind Encodements that are used every time the Merkaba field is activated through the use of Qi-healing, Enlightenment Qigong forms, Maitreya (Shiva) Shen Gong and Omkabah Heart Lightbody Activation. Each healing code […]

Omkabah Heart Lightbody Activation

Master Thoth According to Thoth, “unconditional love is a powerful magnetic force which, once activated through the hologram of love, makes you truly magnetic within every cell of your body. As a result, you begin to attract all you need to become a cosmic vibration of higher wisdom. If we could understand time and love […]

Maitreya (Shiva) Shen Gong

Maitreya (Empowerment) sitting Qigong The nine seated movements with contemplations of Maitreya (Shiva) sitting Qigong, an advance Tantric, Therapeutic, Earth and Heaven Qigong form, open the heart to unconditional love and clarify or dissolve the karmic layers in one’s energy bubble (light body) resulting in enlightenment and experience of the Buddha Nature. Maitreya (Shiva) sitting […]

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